After living at the home below for twenty-six years






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We were married in January 1975
and moved into the duplex on Trinity Beach Road, Trinity Beach during December 1983

That's almost nine years, and during that time we lived in a few different places !!

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Our present home ...... from December 1983

Unit 2, 123 Trinity Beach Road, Trinity Beach
which is about 20kms north of Cairns in North Queensland
CLICK HERE to see and read the original lease - Friday 2nd December 1983

Also below are details of the
"Duplex being sold during 2002"
"Duplex being sold during 2009 / 2010"
and a link to our
"Antiques and Collectables Collection"



The lounge room and dining area - a fish tank, but no television!!! - that was kept in Tanya's bedroom - two photos - June 1987

The dining room area - and the fish tank again - June 1987

The kitchen - June 1987


Our kitchen dresser - restored!!! - from a "piece of junk" to a "piece of furniture"!!! - the "before and after" photos - two photos - May 1999
..........photo of the french polisher, Mr Munari, with the almost completed dresser - plus the cost!!!
..........click here for a valuation - Thursday 27th February 2003


The kitchen - December 2000


New quilt cover and pillow cases - Saturday 13th January 2001

A throne fit for a king!!! - Thursday 15th March 2001
----------UPDATED - the details on an Ebay Auction - Tuesday 10th July 2007

Celings being repaired - in every room of the house!!! - a bloody awful mess!!! - April 2000

A new couch - or is it a new bed??? - Wednesday 29th August 2001
--------------------NOTE - got rid of this!!! - click here for the details - Sunday 8th May 2005

Sharon's corner!!! - display for her cross-stitch and family photos, kitchen dreeser which we had restored, and a clock and ice bucket that have been passed down through her family - September 2001

New carpets - Friday 14th September 2001


A new entertainment centre - three photos - Friday 3rd May 2002
----------SPECIAL NOTE - we have a new television!! - LG Television 127cm (50") Plasma Integrated HD TV Model 50PG20D - see Monday 6th April 2009 below

LG Rear Projection Television - size 109cm
..........Bought a new television - and it is huge!!! - and fantastic!!! - three photos - Monday 3rd June 2002
..........Here are a few product features and specifications PLUS the receipt and it looks like we got a very good bargain!!!
..........And we had to change the lounge room around to fit in this "huge monster"!!! - and here is where the "old TV stand" now is - and the room now looks really nice
----------UPDATED - on Sunday 1st January 2006 - new photos!!
----------SPECIAL NOTE - we have a new television!! - LG Television 127cm (50") Plasma Integrated HD TV Model 50PG20D - see Monday 6th April 2009 below
----------SPECIAL NOTE - this rear projection television was given to Tanya on Saturday 11th April 2009
----------SPECIAL NOTE - Tanya gave this set to a neighbour on Sunday 30th May 2010 - because she now has THIS new Digital Television !!

Our new communications system!!! a "cordless/speaker/answerer" phone - 2nd November 2002
----------UPDATED - a new telephone - Sunday 27th March 2007


Restored our antique brass cot - and it looks fantastic!!! - seven photos - Saturday 1st February 2003
.........."Before v After" - a quick look at the diffference
..........click here for a valuation - Thursday 27th February 2003

A part of our history is gone!!! - in the dump!!! - our fridge, which was around twenty five years old, decided to die!!! - and was replaced by this flash new model - Saturday 8th February 2003

A VALUATION!!! - using the photos on these pages, we had an "Auction Estimate" done for the KITCHEN DRESSER (above in the 1999 section) and the BRASS COT restored this year - this page has all the details - Thursday 27th February 2003

Repainted !! - September 2003
The kitchen, dining room, lounge room, hallway, bathroom and toilet all have a new look !!
----------click here to read the email sent to the Rental Agents detailing the work we had done
----------and here is the colour scheme for the living areas
----------the bathroom and toilet look fabulous now - especially the new timber shaving cabinet!!!

A new buffet - which will be used by Sharon for her "Hobbies and Crafts" - Friday 3rd October 2003

Redecorated !!
Following the painting, Sharon and I spent a lot of time (and money!!!) in organising the photos and paintings we wanted displayed on the walls and around the house
The glass shelves/brackets that are featured in some of these photos are terrific, and the unit has ended up looking like an Art Gallery - but we like it!!
A lot of the cross-stitch was "Handcrafted by Sharon", along with most of the picture framing
The pictures also include photos of most of the rooms in our duplex
All of these shots were taken on Saturday 18th October 2003
----------our "Family Photo Display" - including a lot of Sharon taken over the years
----------some of Sharon and Tanya's cross-stitch
----------the lounge room, with the family photos and cross-stitch in the background
----------Sharon's corner - her chair, her Hobby Centre, her cross-stitch light, her computer, her Family Tree display, etc - two photos
----------the kitchen dresser which we had restored (refer above in the "1999" section)
----------Tanya's photos - including bungy-jumping and "Through the Years" display
----------Brett's photos - which are all baseball - three photos
----------Tanya's cross-stitch - "Max's Moon" ..........and for all the details on this "Award Winning" craft, click here
----------paintings and cross-stitch done by Sharon's Mum and Dad - two photos
----------our bedroom
----------Brett's room - includes his Olympic display, and all the "Entertainment Gear" that Tanya lent him - two photos
----------Geoff's computer desk
----------"God Bless America" - "USA!!! USA!!! USA!!!"
----------shelving we had built - which is stacked with boxes and boxes of souvenirs!!!
----------the bathroom
----------the toilet
----------looking from the lounge room down the hallway - and it's our own private Art Gallery!!!

Another new buffet - which will also be used for Sharon's "Hobbies and Crafts" - and this one is of an unusual design - Saturday 8th November 2003

Still redecorating !! - Wednesday 3rd December 2003
Sharon is still working to get the house just how she likes it!!! - and bought these two new additions
----------Deluxe Lighted Makeup Mirror - with 3x/1x Magnification
----------EXECUTIVE - 12" (30cm) 'Antique' Desk Fan
----------UPDATED - a "new but old" fan - October 2009


The Makeup Mirror - in the bathroom ready to go!!! - two photos - Sunday 15th February 2004

Sharon's new set of wheels!!! - an all-purpose chair!!! - Saturday 28th February 2004

A toaster and a kettle - two very basic kitchen appliances - and look at all the "advertising hype"!!! - but they do look nice!!! - Sunday 21st March 2004

A new microwave - and will the "cordon bleu" standards be achieved??? - Friday 23rd April 2004

"A bronzed cast-iron St Bernard circa 1900" - restored and it looks great!!! - two photos - Monday 19th July 2004

A new - but also very old - radio which is an "Australian Classic Art Deco Design" - Monday 26th July 2004 - seven photos

Antique Burl Walnut Display Cabinet - nine photos - Friday 27th August 2004

Tanya and Brett's "in-transit-room" - with a list of "donations" received to set the room up!!! - four photos - Monday 20th September 2004

A new look to "Sharon's Corner" - tables and cupboards moved around and a new dining table coming soon - Monday 13th December 2004

The "Honeymoon Suite" - which is a new three piece dining setting - suits "Sharon's Corner" perfectly!!! - three photos - Saturday 18th December 2004


Repainted !! - January 2005
Our bedroom - repainted, redecorated, and refurnished !!
----------"Arts and Crafts" period bed - Victorian period dresser - and two very interesting bedside tables!!!
----------This page includes as much detail as we can find out on each of these antique pieces
----------..........plus details of Sharon attending, bidding and buying more items at an Antique Auction!!!
----------There are around 35 photos to look at, and these show just how fantastic the room now looks

More for the bedroom !!
----------a cotton and lace bedspread and pillowcase set - three photos - Sunday 6th February 2005
----------an antique brass ornate clothes hook - Sunday 13th February 2005
----------a beautiful ornate cut crystal hand bell - Sunday 13th February 2005
----------another lead crystal hand bell - Sunday 20th February 2005

Trying to save on electricity costs!!! - installed a "Cent-@-Meter" to monitor the usage - page includes photos and all the details - installed on Tuesday 1st March 2005
----------NOTE - this item was not installed due to a "montrous stuff-up" by the electrician and Ergon Energy!!!

The view out of "Geoff's Office" window - two photos - Wednesday 6th April 2005

Our "Rejuvenated" Display cabinet - a story from Sharon - and five photos - Thursday 28th April 2005

A pair of recliners for the lounge room!!! - and a great story from Sharon again!!! - lots of photos including "before" and "after" shots - Sunday 8th May 2005
----------UPDATED - Manufacturer and Distributor details - Saturday 24th May 2008
----------SPECIAL NOTE - we have a new television!! - LG Television 127cm (50") Plasma Integrated HD TV Model 50PG20D - see Monday 6th April 2009 below

Our kitchen is now equipped with a "Magic Bullet"!!! - restaurant quality meals from now on!!! - well, maybe!!! - Monday 4th July 2005
----------UPDATED - "some interesting information"!!! - Friday 13th October 2006

Yes - still more for the bedroom !!
----------an Antique Brass Light Fixture with Three Depression Glass Shades - lots of photos - Wednesday 20th July 2005

Geoff's room, which was also known as the Computer Room, is to be now known as "The Cairns Branch of The United States Embassy"!!! - before and after shots - July 2005

1940's(?) Dark Timber Veneer Display Cabinet - Sharon's display cabinets were filling up so we needed another one - and this piece looks great and might even be a "bargain buy"!!! - six photos and a video - Friday 5th August 2005

Furniture Repositioning !! - Wednesday 10th August 2005
After purchasing the "Dark Timber Veneer Display Cabinet" mentioned above, changes had to be made to the layout of the lounge room
And here is the new look!!!
----------#01 - three photos
----------#02 - two photos
----------#03 - three photos, showing the lighting

A new Washing Machine - Fisher and Paykel "Excellence GW612" Model - photos and details - Thursday 22nd September 2005

Repainted !! - Monday 19th December 2005
The laundry has a new look !!
----------click here to see the details of the colour scheme, the floor covering, and the new tub - eight photos - Monday 19th December 2005

Still redecorating !! - Monday 19th December 2005
A new addition - and it matches the decor perfectly!!!
----------SHARK - 16" (41cm) 'Antique Look' Pedestal Fan
----------UPDATED - a "new but old" fan - October 2009

Christmas Day 2005
Presents and some new additions to our home!!! - Sunday 25th December 2005
(1) Panasonic DVD Recorder with 200Gb Hard Disk Drive - Model No: DMR-EH60 - a new toy for Geoff!!! - and updatiing our Entertainment Area!!!
----------UPDATED - above page during June 2010 - a new digital recording system
(2) An Antique-Style Telephone - out goes the plastic thing from Telstra and in comes this reproduction-antique!!! - looks fabulous and matches everything else in our lounge and dining rooms!!! - one of Sharon's presents
----------UPDATED - above page during September 2009 - an original and working 1930's telephone !!


Our entertainment area - and how it used to be!!! - two photos - Sunday 1st January 2006
----------SPECIAL NOTE - we have a new television!! - LG Television 127cm (50") Plasma Integrated HD TV Model 50PG20D - see Monday 6th April 2009 below

"WAVE" Glass Square Electronic Body Fat Scale - a lie-detector for weight!!! - page includes a note to Sharon, photos, and all the details on Bio-electrical Impedance Analysis!!! - Wednesday 11th January 2006
----------UPDATED - a new set of scales - Monday 8th May 2006

"Retro 51" Art Deco Radio - which is an exact reproduction of "The Classic Art Deco Tasma Model 1005" - and these radios were made around 1947 - this was a 31st Anniversary present for Sharon - eleven photos - purchased on Wednesday 25th January 2006

Smoke alarms - fitted two of these in case all our electronic gear decides to blow up!!! - Monday 3rd April 2006

Display cabinet - for Sharon's "Very Precious Family Items" - decorated with wallpaper Antique Roses - the page includes all the details on the cabinet with before-and-after photos - Wednesday 19th April 2006

Kitchen Wall Display Cabinet - recently we have bought a lot of "Retro Kitchenalia" items - and we needed somewhere to display them!!! - this cabinet is perfect, and it is an original 1950's unit - two photos - April 2006

Westinghouse Range Hood - we needed one of these to protect our "Retro Kitchenalia" items as mentioned above!!! - and this also gives a "new look" to our kitchen - two photos - Tuesday 2nd May 2006

The kitchen - redecorated with a "Retro 1950/60's" theme !! - Monday 22nd May 2006
Over the more than twenty-two years that we have lived here, the kitchen had hardly changed - and it was time for some improvements!!! - we have been collecting lots of "Kitchenalia Items" over the last few months, and they are now all installed and displayed - the result??? = terrific!!! - this page includes both the "Old" and "New" looks with photos going back to 1987 - ten photos - Monday 22nd May 2006


The kitchen again!!! - another change!!! - bought four stove element covers - and they look great!!! - three photos - Saturday 13th January 2007

A new telephone - '5.8GHz Digital Spread Spectrum Cordless Phone Model number DSS7855' - and it features "all the new bells and whistles" that have been introduced since we bought the last one back in November 2002!!! - purchased on Sunday 27th March 2007

A present for the "House Husband"!!! - 'Dyson DC14B HEPA Bagless Upright Cyclonic Vacuum' - one of the best you can buy!!! - and the page includes photos and all the details - a Christmas present for Geoff - Tuesday 25th December 2007
----------UPDATED - on Tuesday 11th March 2008 - the DC14 Model was exchanged for a DC18 Model
----------UPDATED - on Saturday 8th September 2012 - purchased a VAX MACH 1 Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner

A "panoramic" look at the lounge room - Monday 31st December 2007
----------SPECIAL NOTE - we have a new television!! - LG Television 127cm (50") Plasma Integrated HD TV Model 50PG20D - see Monday 6th April 2009 below

The kitchen - and the photo includes a number of Sharon's 'retro' items - Monday 31st December 2007


New gear for Sharon's kitchen - because she loves fruit and vegetable juice!!! - and they didn't cost anything, well, sorta not anything!!! - Breville 'BJE200 Juice Fountain' and 'JC7 Squeezed Citrus Juice Press' - Tuesday 22nd January 2008
----------UPDATED - on Thursday 20th March 2008 - the BJE200 Model Juice Fountain was exchanged for a BJE400 Model

More new appliances for Sharon ... because when she is in the kitchen, she needs all the help she can get!!! - this is a "Surprise Early Christmas Present"!! - and it is a Flavorwave Oven Turbo - which uses halogen heat, infrared waves, and convection cooking ... plus I arranged for a Platinum Model Upgrade - with all that help, every meal should be perfect ... well, maybe!!! - the page includes all the details, plus a video and lots of photos - Wednesday 12th November 2008
----------UPDATED - also received a 9 Minute Marinator - free of charge!! - click here for the details, video, and lots more photos - Friday 12th December 2008

A look at our kitchen and lounge room ... by video!! - this was shot by Sharon using the video feature of her phone/camera - and it turned out okay - Monday 1st December 2008
----------SPECIAL NOTE - we have a new television!! - LG Television 127cm (50") Plasma Integrated HD TV Model 50PG20D - see Monday 6th April 2009 below

A "new-but-old" pull down ceiling light - and it is installed right above Sharon's desk in her 'special corner' of our home!! - and it looks terrific!! - this page includes a story from Sharon and five photos - Friday 12th December 2008


Geoff = House Husband = Cleaner ... so this is for him!! - Go Duster - and hopefully it will make his terrible and hen pecked and downtrodden life a little bit better and brighter!! - this page includes all the details, plus photos and videos - and a link to some product reviews by other purchasers ... and they are good or bad?? - also includes the price paid - Tuesday 20th January 2009
----------UPDATED - after using the Go Duster once - It Is A Piece Of Junk!!

Out with the Old ... and ... In with the New!! - the AirConditioner has been replaced with a split system, inverter, reverse cycle model - the page includes "before" and "after" photos - plus all the details on the unit with both the owner's and service manuals uploaded for reference - Friday 20th February 2009
----------SPECIAL NOTE - we have a new television!! - LG Television 127cm (50") Plasma Integrated HD TV Model 50PG20D - see Monday 6th April 2009 below

"Happy Birthday, Dad" and "Thank You for The Baseball, Dad and Mum" - Monday 6th April 2009
A gift from Brett - which is an LG Television 127cm (50") Plasma Integrated HD TV Model 50PG20D!!! - and the page includes all the details and lots of photos

Vintage table fan by Revelair and Celco - made in the 1950/1960's and this one oscillates in all directions!! - page includes the auction details and price paid - nine photos - Tuesday 13th October 2009


A view of the entire complex - not too long after we had moved in - our unit is the one at the back
----------A Ford Transit Van and a large green trailer??? - click here to find out why !!


Our unit from the street - and that is Geoff holding up the palm tree!!! - Sunday 4th March 2001
......and home, sweet home - as above, but a little bit closer

Trinity Beach Road, to the right of the driveway - Sunday 4th March 2001
......and to the left of the drive

Sharon out the front - Sunday 4th March 2001

Sharon out the front, and standing in the centre island - the light towers of the Cairns Baseball League can be seen in the background


From the front door, and looking across to the light towers at the Baseball Complex - trying out the digital zoom - Monday 4th September 2006
----------And also see the photos of "Sharon out the Front" above


Standing at the entrance to the carport and looking down the drive towards Trinity Beach Road - Sunday 30th December 2007


An early morning view of the front of the units - and a new 'garden-patio' area at the side - five photos - Monday 6th October 2008

Another shot of the front of the entire complex - taken from the centre traffic island on Trinity Beach Road - one photo - Thursday 13th November 2008


The driveway was covered in grime and mould - today a High Pressure Cleaning Company turned up, and the difference is amazing!! - six photos, which include 'before-and-after' shots - Thursday 7th May 2009

The front entrance - and we finally found a huge front door mat - and this will replace a carpet square that had been pulled to pieces by the neighbour's cats when they were sharpening their claws!! - the page includes both 'before' and 'after' photos - Monday 31st August 2009


Starting to get the gardens planned and planted - bought all the fencing timber and iron secondhand - three photos - April 1984

The gardens and lawns are beginning to look nice - and we built a pergola to separate the yards of the two duplexes - three photos - September 1984

Looking good!!! - the lawn, gardens and pergola have come on very well - plus we spread around a bit of rust colored timber stain which brightened everything up!!! - the table and chairs were built out of an old brick pallett!!! - four photos - December 1984
..........and some more views of the yard - four photos - December 1984


Made a few changes - put a path through the pergola area - and look at all the flowering Portulaca ground cover - February 1985

Built a bamboo feature fence - February 1985


I have always wanted one!!! - and I built one!!! - a bird aviary - January 1986

The barbeque area - February 1986

A lush and tropical yard and garden!!! - including the bamboo feature fence, and the first bunch of bananas we grew ourselves!!! - four photos - May 1986
..........and more views of our "tropical paradise"!!! - including the bird aviary - three photos - May 1986

Calamity!!! - the sewerage lines had to be installed and connected, and this meant the yard had to be dug up!!! - to minimise damage, I dug a lot of the trench by hand - bloody hell, that was hard work!!! - three photos - July 1986

Made a few alterations when re-establishing the yard after the sewerage connection - including a short "rainforest walk" - two photos - October 1986
..........and some more photos following the changes - two photos - October 1986


"The Rainforest at Night" - a picture of the yard during the day, and the same area taken at night with the spotlight on - two photos - March 1987

Another bunch of home-grown bananas!!! - and the yard is looking terrific - two photos - March 1987

Great pictures of the plants and yard!!! - two photos - March 1987

Part of the yard, and the small area we turned into a vegetable garden - June 1987


Our outdoor living area - in the backyard - March 2001

Path through our "rainforest garden" - we planted everything - started with a bare block of ground!!!
......and the path continues

The very important satellite dish!!!

The pergola - March 2001


A garden clean up - on the left of the "Before" picture is a Golden Cane Palm which was getting too big and was over-run with creepers, climbers and weeds, and on the right is a Minature Umbrella Tree and it's roots were starting to effect the drains - chopped them down!!! - plus cleaned up all the fence line - four photos - Sunday 7th April 2002

Rebuilt the pergola - 'cause it was falling down!!! - Saturday 21st December 2002


An outdoor area - cleaned out the carport, and divided it to make an 'all-weather' small patio which looks out onto the pergola - two photos - Saturday 4th January 2003


The pergola and path - looking great!!! - three photos - Wednesday 24th March 2004

A "major clean-up" - Friday 13th August 2004
Parts of the backyard were becoming a real mess!!!
Gardens not established properly, overgrown shrubs and trees, and worst of all there was a chook-pen that had been used for years!!!
Decided to tidy it all up and make an area to spend the hot summer evenings in
......before and after - three photos
......before and after - two photos
......before and after - two photos
......before and after - two photos
......before and after - two photos
......and after the job was done - two photos
----------NOTE - we had another major clean-up !! - this was at the other end of the backyard, where a new fence was also 'very urgently' required !!
--------------------scroll down the page to Thursday 30th June 2005 to see the details and photos

Sharon reading and relaxing in her garden - new pots and new plants - four photos - Monday 6th September 2004

Birds visiting the new birdbath!!! - and a note to Sharon - one photo - Wednesday 6th October 2004

A timber table - to replace the green plastic one - and this was a Christmas 2004 present from Brett to Sharon - three photos

A windmill for the backyard - and this was a Christmas 2004 present from Brett to Geoff - three photos


"Sunrise over Trinity Beach" - an early morning shot - Thursday 6th January 2005

Kookaburras in the backyard - four photos - Wednesday 11th May 2005

Another "major clean-up" - Thursday 30th June 2005
This end of the backyard desparately needed a new fence!!!
And although the gardens were very lush and very tropical and very colourful, they did need a bit of a tidy up
A couple of huge trees needed to be chopped down, and we established some new garden beds and did a bit of general landscaping
All the work was completed over a few weeks and these 'after' photos were taken on Thursday 30th June 2005
......before and after - three photos - includes the new fence
......before and after - two photos - includes the new fence
......before and after - three photos - includes the new fence ......UPDATED - refer to Thursday 27th May 2008 below
......before and after - two photos
......before and after - four photos
......before and after - three photos - includes the new fence
......before and after - two photos
......and after the job was done - two photos
......and after the job was done - one photo

A new barbeque - a "Sunbeam Kettle BBQ" - and it's a real bargain!!! - page includes photos and the story of how we got it!!!- Saturday 9th July 2005
----------UPDATED - on Friday 13th October 2006
----------UPDATED - again on Tuesday 8th and Wednesday 9th April 2008

A 'curlew' came for a visit - three photos - Monday 17th October 2005


The "tropical paradise" down the side of our unit - and three of the shots include Sharon in the background - four photos - Friday 25th August 2006

A "Life and Death" struggle in our backyard!!! - 'Big Bird' having lunch!!! - six photos - Wednesday 6th December 2006


Standing in the carport and looking out at the pergola - Sunday 30th December 2007

The path through our 'tropical rainforest', which is next to the pergola - Sunday 30th December 2007


An old timber and steel cart that is going to start a new life as "Sharon's Herb-A-Torium"!!! - the page includes a couple of stories from Sharon explaining how we bought it and how we got it home, along with nine photos - Thursday 13th March 2008
----------NOTE - this albumn is updated on a continuous basis - lots of planting has been done by Sharon !!
--------------------dozens of photos and all the details !!
--------------------and the pages are also continually being updated with "How the Plants are Growing" !!

The northern end of our backyard - the present look plus how it was three years ago just after the new fence had been erected - two photos - Tuesday 27th May 2008
----------NOTE - refer to "Another major clean up - Thursday 30th June 2005" above

The Orchid in our Pergola - this flowers once per year, and the photos on this page show the plant starting to bud in early May through to the orchid in full bloom during mid-June - also included are links to Orchid Information Web Sites, with a possible match to ours - plus there are shots of the pergola - there are over twenty photos and pictures - Tuesday 17th June 2008

An 'all-weather' Patio Area - similar to the photos above taken during 2003, we again cleaned out the carport, and divided it to make a patio which looks out onto the pergola - five photos - Tuesday 2nd September 2008
----------UPDATED - on Monday 8th September 2008


Lots and lots of changes !! - which were completed on Monday 30th March 2009
----------a new stand for the bird bath - four photos - including 'before-and-after' shots
--------------------UPDATED - above page on Sunday 5th April 2009
----------rock edging in the Tropical Garden - seven photos - including 'before-and-after' shots
----------Sharon's "Reading Retreat" - six photos - including three with Sharon
----------new edging for the centre garden in the backyard - two photos

Another "major clean-up" - Monday 31st August 2009
The yard along the back of our duplex is very long and a 'dividing garden' had been established
Over the last few years, this has gone wild and and looked quite a bit neglected ... and palm seeds were blocking the gutters !!
Time for a cleanup ... the yard looks great now !!
----------before and after - seven photos - plus details on the cost of the job ... and how we reduced the amount !!


Thursday 5th May 2002
Well, we have lived at this address for almost nineteen years,
but click
here to see what was put in the front yard today,
and click
here to see the advert from the Agent's internet site
What Happened ??
Both the units were sold
Fortunately the new owner of "Unit 2" was happy for us to continue renting
So we keep our home !! ... maybe for another twenty years or so ??


Thursday 17th September 2009
We have now lived at this address for almost twenty-six years
and it has happened again !! ... click
here to see the sign
and click
here to see the Sale Promotion Brochure with details and prices
xand click here to see the Real Estate Online advertisement
and click
here to see the advert on the Sales Agent's Web Site
and click
here to see the advert published in The Cairns Post
Thursday 17th December 2009
After being on the market for three months, the duplex
has now been listed with a new Agent ... click
here to see the sign
and click
here to see the advert on the Sales Agent's Web Site
Friday 26th March 2010
The unit still hasn't sold ... and it is now also listed as 'for rent'
and click
here to see the notice on the Agent's Web Site
Rent has been listed at $250.00/week with a $1000.00 bond
Tuesday 20th April 2010
The unit still hasn't sold ... and it still hasn't rented
and click
here to see the notice on the Agent's Web Site
Rent has been reduced to $235.00/week with a $940.00 bond

Wednesday 28th April 2010
The unit still hasn't sold ... and it still hasn't rented
and click
here to see the notice on the Agent's Web Site
Rent has been reduced to $225.00/week with a $900.00 bond

Monday 17th May 2010
The unit still hasn't sold ... and it has been taken off the market
and click
here to see the notice on the Agent's Web Site
Still up for rent at $225.00/week with a $900.00 bond

Wednesday 2nd June 2010
The 'for rent' sign has been taken down
Cars in the carport !! ...... Lights on in the house !!
New tenants ... finally !! ... click
here to see the "end of an era" !!


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