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Monday 13th December 2004

A new look to "Sharon's Corner"

We had broadband internet installed,
and Sharon's computer is now connected to the modem associated with Geoff's computer

NOTE - just the modems are hooked up, not the actual machines
She hasn't got access to my computer - hell, no!!!

Anyway, because of this, a lot less "cables and junk" were required for Sharon's machine
so the room was re-arranged a bit

The first photo below is how it did look,
with the dining room table also being used as her desk

The second photo shows the new arrangement,
with her "hobby cupboards" being changed around and the table now a computer desk

For the moment, Sharon is using a corner of the desk for her "eating activities"
but the room changes have resulted in a lot of spare space
and she now wants a small and round "French Cafe" type of dining table
with a couple of chairs
- and then a vase with a single rose put on the table!!!
- and then a candle!!!
- and then ???