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Monday 30th March 2009

Edging in the Tropical Garden

We moved into this home twenty-five-odd-years-ago,
and we set up this garden which is at the side of the duplex and runs off the end of the carport
We put down edging which was 'broken bricks' and timber off cuts
and over the years these have been knocked out of place, buried, or just rotted away

In the middle of last year, the people behind us moved out
and they asked us to look after a number of plants and dozens of rocks
They have never come back !! ...... and so we 'claimed' the rocks and used them as edging

The paths through the garden were okay, but without edging it was hard to maintain
These rocks are perfect as you can see from the shots below


The "BEFORE" look ...

... and here is the same section of path with the "AFTER" look

Below are five more shots ...... it really looks terrific !!