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May 1999

Kitchen Dresser

The measurements are
135cm wide x 164cm high x 37cm deep----(53 inches x 64.5 inches x 14.5 inches)

Here is the story......

We had an old kitchen dresser which had been in the shed/carport for years - and it was being used for storing tools and junk

A "person in the know" saw it one day, and said we were "idiots" for not having it restored back to it's full glory!!!

So we did!!!

We had obtained it secondhand, and by the look of it, the dresser had been painted over many times, in many colours and many types of paint!!

It was dipped and stripped completely and then given to a french polisher for refinishing

The result - fantastic!!!


NOTE - there are more links and details below the photos





More Details, Links and Photos

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The cost of the restoration work
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February/March 2003
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