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January 1975 through 1976
Unit 1. 9 Regent Street, Kensington. Adelaide. South Australia
Our first home!!!
A little "one bedroom love nest"!!!

The unit - which was on the ground floor - the balcony belongs to another unit!!! - the purple Ford Cortina was our car, which was a "L'Oreal of Paris" company vehicle

It did not have much of a backyard - just some gravel and a clothesline!!! - and here is Sharon hanging out the washing!!!


1976 until August 1977
2 Rogers Cresent, Salisbury. Adelaide. South Australia
We bought a house!!! - brand new!!!
Geoff's brother, Brenton, owned a home building company and organised it for us

Brett and Kahlia had a look at this house during December 2011 ... click HERE to see the photos

Here I am!!! - not long after we had moved in - had prepared and seeded the front yard, and had to keep the whole area damp - and it was successful!!! - we had a great front lawn, and even had a few people knock on the door and ask what we had used, etc, etc!!!

The house, after the lawns had been established

Some more views of the house - showing a few trees we planted around the front lawn - and Geoff's "L'Oreal of Paris" company vehicle - two photos

Still watering!!! - this time out in the back yard - it was a lot of work establishing the lawns, but the results made it very worthwhile!!!

We built a pergola/fern house, and here it is under contruction and then with the roof on - turned out really great!!! - two photos - and they include Sharon's car!!

A garden we established at the side of the house


August 1977 until May 1980
Unit 2. 4 Maxwell Court, Moorabin. Melbourne. Victoria
Geoff was transferred to Victoria
And that meant selling the above home, packing up everything and moving interstate!!!
We moved into this two bedroomed unit
It was in a block of ten ground floor units and located in the southern suburbs of Melbourne

Tanya showing off the backyard - which was all concrete - we tried to dress it up a bit with a few potted plants - two photos

The new lounge suite we bought after moving in

Tanya's room - and the furniture I spent hours building and painting!!! - and some of her "heaps and heaps" of toys!!! - two photos


May 1980
Unit in East Brisbane. Queensland
Another move!!!
Geoff was promoted to Sales Manager for "L'Oreal of Paris" in Queensland
The move was "a bit of a rush"!!!
So the company put us up in temporary accommodation until we could find a suitable home

The units, taken from the balcony


June 1980 until November 1981
25 Sweetgum Street, Bellbowrie. Brisbane. Queensland
We rented this house which was in a terrific location just outside of Brisbane

The home, and Geoff's company vehicle - two photos

The four of us outside our home ..........a good shot

A photo of the back of our home, showing the balcony leading off the main bedroom - and Tanya and a few friends are playing in the yard - August 1980


November 1981 until June 1982
6 Wewak Street, Trinity Beach. Cairns. Queensland
For numerous reasons, Geoff resigned from "L'Oreal of Paris"
We bought a new car (Suzuki Sierra) and drove the 2000kms north to settle in Cairns

This home was new, as these photos show - no lawns, trees, fences, etc!!! - but at least the agent organised a gravel driveway for us!!! - two photos
NOTE - this page includes a link showing how the place looked twenty-five years later!!! - nine photos - April 2007


June 1982 until December 1983
Unit 2. 54 Madang Street, Trinity Beach. Cairns. Queensland
This move was about "a hundred yards down the road"!!!
It was a really nice two bedroomed unit, with the owners/landlords (George and Doreen) living in the other unit

The unit, and our Suzuki Sierra with the hood down - two photos

Another view of our new home - by this time we had sold the Suzuki and bought this car - a 1971 Hillman Hunter Sedan

This unit was great, but with two growing kids,
the two bedrooms were proving not to be enough !!!

We made another "hundred yard move"
and began renting our third home in Trinity Beach during December 1983

This has been our home since then!!!

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