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Pull-Down Ceiling Light

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Friday 12th December 2008

A note from Sharon

No, my light does not look anything like the Tiffany one that is opposite
... but I like it a lot, a real lot ... right from the moment I first saw it

The Tiffany model probably cost heaps of dollars ... well, mine was a 'sorta' gift ... free !!
A customer came into the Post Office wanting to send it somewhere,
but did not want to pay the amount of postage that sending something like this would cost
She did not want it ... but I did ... so she gave it to me !!

I brought it home and showed Geoff
He gave his usual "grunt-reply" so I didn't think he liked it
So it just sat around the house for a few days

Then, when I came home from work on Wednesday, it was installed !!
"The Grunter" had arranged for an electrician to call around and hang the light
plus install a switch, and being in the trade, the electrician was able to track down
the large round globe that this sort of light needs

It looks fabulous !! ... and I have it on every night !!
(don't like the fluro tube anymore !!)

The green shade is about 46cm in diameter ... 18 inches
In these photos, the edge of the shade is 63cm from the ceiling ... 25 inches
But it will pull down until the globe is almost touching my desk

I really like sitting at my desk at night ... in my own special area surrounded by all my stuff !!
The effect this light has makes it even better ... nice and cozy !!