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Monday 8th September 2003

Godwin Witten Rentals
Attention - Margaret Cone

Reference - Unit 2 123 Trinity Beach Road Trinity Beach

Hi Margaret.
The duplex looks fabulous!!!
The painting and other changes have been completed.

And I am hoping that you may be able to forward this email to the owners to advise them of the improvements.
I have also posted a printed copy of this email to you today to forward to them in case they do not have an email contact.

Many (many, many!!!) years ago I bought "a bucket of paint and a brush" and painted the entire duplex.
And due to "normal living", the walls, doors, etc had become marked, chipped, and just deteriorated with time.

This time, however, we employed professional painters.
Coral Coast Painting Services.
Telephone - (07) 40591573
The work was spread over three days, and they did a fantastic job, plus helped Sharon with her color selections.

We insisted on "Name Brand" paints only - nothing from supermarkets, warehouses, etc.
All paint used was Taubmans brand.

The rooms we had done are:-
1) kitchen,
2) dining room,
3) lounge room,
4) hallway,
5) bathroom, and
6) toilet.
Also all the internal doors and door frames - 6 in total - were painted both back and front, along with the curtain pelmets - 4 in total.

The colors chosen were
1) kitchen, dining, lounge and hallway walls - "Silverado"
2) pelmets and door frames - "Mocha Java" gloss enamel.
3) all doors back and front - "Silverado" semi-gloss enamel.
4) bathroom - "Greenlandic" with a feature wall "Green Oaks"
5) toilet - "Greenlandic" with a feature wall "Green Oaks"
Should the owners wish to see these choices, they are listed on the Taubmans color chart.

In brief, the living areas are now in shades of grey, and the bathroom and toilet have a combination of greens.
And it looks terrific!!!

As you know, the bathroom and toilet had very bad water leaks in the past and the paint was powdering and lifting in various places in both rooms.
These walls were rubbed back to the original service and resealed before painting.

In addition to the painting, we also have completed these items:-
1) sealing of walls and cornices in the kitchen, dining and lounge rooms - "stuff" was dropping down from the celing!!
2) all "chips and cracks" in the walls have been repaired.
3) stripping and repainting the fan in the lounge room - it is an original fan (20 years old!!) and it was badly stained and the enamel was falling off.
4) due to the past water leaks in the bathroom, the vanity unit doors were mouldy and going rotten - these have been removed, and all the holes, etc filled and the inside of the unit has been prepared and painted as well.

One of the "nicest" changes we made was in the bathroom.
It had the original (again 20 years old!!) shaving cabinet.
A horrible plastic thing!!
We replaced it with a timber unit, which looks fantastic in conjunction with the two colors chosen for that room.

The costs.
The painting and materials cost $750.00, and the new bathroom cabinet cost $60.00.
Plus around $100.00 for sandpaper, Kill-Rust paint for the fan, repairs to the bathroom vanity unit doors, etc

We are not looking or asking for any amount of refund!!!
This is our home, and has been for the past 20 years.
Our two children have grown up here, and Sharon and I both wish to remain for many years to come!!!
This email is just to let the owners know that we care and look after their investment.

As you may know, we have our own web site.
It is family orientated, and contains over 12,000 photos and files - of our family over the years.
There is a section on this duplex, and it can be accessed by CLICKING HERE (link to "Our Home" Index Page)
This page is divided into three sections - the inside, out the back, and out the front.
It contains heaps of photos taken over our time living here.
The owners may be interested in seeing this page, so would you please pass it on.
It also contains a few photos taken of this painting, etc, and that is in "The Inside" section.

Please feel free to call in at anytime, Margaret.
We are very proud of the finished result, and would love to "show it off" so you can pass on the details.

That's about it.
Except to say that we are now madly saving again so we can redo the three bedrooms!!!