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This phone detailed below

was replaced

during September 2009


Click on the above image to see all the details of our
1930's Stromberg Carlson 1212 Rotary Telephone


... to Sharon ...... from Geoff

Antique-Style Telephone

Add an antique touch to your home with this beautifully crafted antique telephone

This antique telephone boasts an ornate design with a touch-tone keypad disguised as a dial

Together, with the phone cord, the nostalgic telephone
helps to bring a bit of the past back into your home

It is a phone you will love to look at as well as to use

Size - 270mm x 220mm x 300mm
Finishing Material - Half-Mat rubber wood
Modern touch buttons
Option of pulse or tone dialling
Accessories - Telephone cord and manual

This phone was purchased from

......and click on the logo to go to the Official Web Site

The cost ??? - just $58.00!!!

... and here she is !!