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Purchased - 2nd November 2002

Keeping in touch

A new telephone

!!!--SPECIAL NOTE--!!!
Updated our phone - scroll to the bottom of the page for the details

"The sales pitch"

Slimline Cordless with Built-In Digital Answering Machine and speaker phone

A sleek, modern design cordless phone with a built-in digital answering machine and speakerphone

The XSA650 offers 10 channels to ensure interference free operation
and backlit keypad for your convenience

It includes a 10 number memory, last number redial
and a one way page facility for simple easy to use operation

This phone makes the ideal addition for any home or office

Available in Ivory, Blue and Silver colour
(we bought the silver)

Ideal for people looking for a modern and economical phone with answering machine.
Suits busy people often away from home

Suggested retail price - $199.00
We paid $149.00 - from KMart Smithfield


Sunday 25th March 2007

Purchased a new phone

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