Update after using the Go-Duster once

!!-This thing is a piece of Junk-!!
throws dust everywhere
Absolutely Useless

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Tuesday 20th January 2009

Geoff is the "house-husband" ... so this is for him !!!

Go Duster


The ultimate dust buster!

Go Duster makes dusting fast, easy and fun!

It's a handheld, completely cordless, battery operated spinning duster that picks up dust like a magnet
It gets into hard to reach areas, conforms to all shapes and sizes, and lets you dust without moving anything, saving you time and making your life easier
At the touch of a button, the Go Duster's removable head spins at 250 revs per minute, creating a static electricity charge on the tens of thousands of dusting fingers, picking up the dust like a magnet

Here's why you should try the Go Duster for yourself!
----------conforms to all shapes and sizes, lets you dust without having to move anything
----------makes it very easy to clean items such as blinds, furniture, electronics, glass ware and delicate ornaments, plants, ceiling
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------fans and hard to reach places
----------it is lightweight and perfectly balanced
----------has three different sized heads:-
--------------------extra-long for reaching those hard to get at places
--------------------medium head for general cleaning
--------------------mini head which is great for the car, computer keyboards, and smaller item
----------when you're finished simply rinse it under running water and it dries as good as new
----------the Go Duster can be used with normal cleaning surface sprays to increase its effectiveness
----------Go Duster cuts down your cleaning time, reduces effort needed, makes dusting fun
----------free extension handle and wall caddy designed to hold your Go Duster and all accessories

It runs on four 'AA' batteries, which are not included

Video #01
36 seconds --- 1.69Mb

Video #02
2 minutes 45 seconds --- 10.1Mb

WARNING - this product makes cleaning not only easy but also enjoyable

The world famous Go Duster works like magic yet it is a result of much scientific research and development
The motorized head of the Go Duster spins at 250 revs per minute this creates a static charge, which attracts dust like a magnet
If you had a microscope you would be able to see the thousands dusting fingers that are catching dust

The Go Duster can be used in almost any size or shape, which means you no longer have to move your delicate items around to clean
It is compact, portable, motorized and completely cordless which makes cleaning easy

The combination of the static charge, the fast rotation and soft fibre fingers mean that all you have to do is push the start button, wave it where want and the dust is gone!!

The rotating fingers allow the Go Duster to get in between all the nooks and crannies, including venetian blinds
It can be used easily on electronic devices including the DVD player and LCD screens
It is also gentle enough to be used on glassware and other delicate items

Go Duster helps you get the job done better, faster and more efficiently
Unlike other dusters on the market, the Go Duster captures the dust and does not release it back into the air
This means hay fever and asthma sufferers will not be able to get out of dusting!!

The Go Duster comes with interchangeable heads
The extra long head is perfect for reaching cobwebs on the ceiling and dusting lights and fans
The medium head is great for dusting everyday and the mini duster head is perfect for cars, keyboards and even smaller and tiny jobs
The Go Duster is designed for multiple uses

After dusting, it can be washed under running water and then dried out for later use


Purchased from

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their Official Web Site



Cost was $99.75 for two

Fifty bucks Each


Click on the
"Product Review"
logo opposite to read lots of comments
from people who have purchased and used the Go Duster

... and most of them are not very positive about this product !!

Will wait and see for myself when it has been delivered

(this link active as at Friday 23rd January 2009)