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Two Antique Brass Ornate Clothes Hooks

......and these were used in our bedroom


- Below are the details from an Ebay Auction
It finished on Sunday 13th February 2005
Yes, we made a bid ------ and yes, we won the auction!!!

Low starting price!!!
A treasure for the collector of antique brass items!!!
Now just have a look at this very detailed clothes hook - WOW!!!
Yes, it is very detailed you will say, and so very different
It is made from brass (not plated) and has a great patina
You will note from our photo just how great this looks
Note the crown on the top
The hook mounts by means of three screws
Measurements - the hook is 9.5cm in height and will stand off the wall 7.5cm
This item is in great condition
Paid - $15.50 plus packaging/postage


A note from Sharon
Bought this at the Kornby's Auction on Saturday 26th March 2005
It was part of a bundle of brass-ware that we got for $5.00