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Monday 19th December 2005

The "new look" Laundry!!!

Back in September 2003 and January 2005,
we had most of the duplex repainted and redecorated

One of the rooms that wasn't done then was the laundry

Now, the paintwork was getting old, the lino was cracked and lifting,
and the laundry tub was rusting away!!!

Thanks to the Landlords and Managing Agents,
a new tub was installed and indoor/outdoor carpet was laid

We did the rest,
including filling a few cracks in the walls and buying and applying the paint
The colours are the same as we used in the bathroom and toilet

These colors are:-
1) walls - semi gloss acrylic "Greenlandic"
2) doors - semi gloss emamel "Silverado"
3) door frames - gloss enamel "Mocha Java"

The carpet is great, being a "Turquoise" colour - a perfect match for the walls
and also for the hall carpet which is a grey/white colour

And we can finally use the laundry tub - which wasn't really a good idea before
as the last two photos on this page show!!!

The photos tell the story - what was "a bit of a grungy room" now looks fantastic!!!

(eight photos)


The laundry tub

The carpet


The old tub, which is now used as a wash-trough in the backyard!!!