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January 2005

Our Bedroom

Repainted - Redecorated - Refurnished

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For many years we have wanted "a nice bedroom" but could not find exactly what we were looking for
... plus lack of enough $$$'s probably played a part in it !!

So we managed with a 'pine-slated-base-bed with a mattress thrown on top',
the likes of which can be seen on the back pages of most furniture store catalogues !!

We finally scraped a bit of spare cash together - and started looking a bit more seriously

Out on the weekends, driving around and looking through furniture and second-hand stores

Then, on Saturday 19th December 2004, we walked into this shop

......and there they were!!!
The bed, the dresser, and the bedside tables!!!

Now just scroll down the page for the story and click on the thumbnail images to see the photos

We spent ages in Kinsella's Antiques on the Saturday - looking and thinking !!
and then went home to think about it for a couple of days
The following Tuesday Sharon took a bit of time off work
and we met again in the shop - more looking and more thinking !!

Then it was done!!! - "Yes, we want it !!"

The bed-head needed some restoration on one of the carved panels, and we had to repaint the room, and
arrange the sale of the 'pine-slated-base-bed with a mattress thrown on top' so delivery was organised for mid-January 2005

Then it was off to the hardware store for paint, brushes, masking tape, etc
and our bedroom is now "Kid Leather", a colour chosen by Sharon

The big day arrived!!! - Friday 14th January 2005 - Delivery Day!!!
The Bed
Paul Kinsella made the delivery, and the bed was the first item brought in
Debra told us that it is from
"The Arts and Crafts Period"
which we understand to be
"a design style popular in decorative arts from 1894 to 1923"
It is a double-bed size, and this was the standard for the period in which it was made
Sharon loves the turn-of-the-century furniture,
and I have always liked the 'grandma's-feather-bed' look and have wanted
a bed that you had to climb up to get in to!!!
......and this one is 830cm (33") from the floor to the top of the mattress!!!
Sharon says that as we get older we will have to use a set of steps!!!
It had to be assembled in the bedroom

Here it is, just after it had been assembled

These two photos show the bedhead and the foot of the bed, the mattress support and the spring base
......and an indication of how high it is!!!

Two photos of the carvings on the bedhead
These carvings have also been done on the foot of the bed,
and these can be seen in one of the photos below
The Dresser
Sharon was at work when the delivery was made
but she wanted to be able to do the organising and arranging!!!
So even though the bed had to be assembled in it's right spot,
the dresser was left in the dining room - ready for Sharon on Saturday morning!!!
This dresser is again from
"The Arts and Crafts Period"
and is the first dressing table Sharon has had since we were married - 30 years ago!!!

Two photos, including a large shot which shows all the details - swivel mirror, castors, etc

Sharon loves the 'hearts' on the drawer handles
The Bedside Cupboards
Well, you can say that these two pieces would have had a very interesting history!!!
They are actually marble-topped commode cupboards!!!
Debra said that they were from
"The Victorian Period from 1837 to 1901"
Again these were left in the dining room for Sharon to arrange on Saturday morning
The units are different, with one having a drawer as well as the cupboard,
and one has a base with the other having legs,
but they look terrific alongside the bed and dresser
Standing 80cm (31-1/2") high, they are a perfect match for the bed
which is also very high as mentioned above

The two cupboards

(two photos)----------(two photos)
Here are the individual units, and each page has a small and a large photo

The cupboards with the doors open
The Bedroom
and how it all looks
Saturday morning, and Sharon went to work as an Interior Decorator!!!

While waiting for the restoration work to be done, Sharon had gone shopping
New pillow slips, sheets, covers, etc, etc!!!
Everything had to be just right!!!

This patchwork quilt was on the bed when we were looking at it in Kinsella's Antiques
Sharon feels it is hand stitched, and the two photos on this page include a close-up of the pattern
It looked fabulous - and is definately something that could not be left behind!!!
It had to come with the bed!!!

Two photos of the bed all made up

The dresser in it's position, and the foot of the bed
The photo has been kept large so the carvings on the bed can be seen clearly

These three photos are similar
but give slightly different looks at the dressing table, the foot of the bed, and the patchwork quilt
The Antique Auction

Well, all the pieces were set up, and everything looked fantastic
there was an Antique Auction being held in Cairns the next day, Sunday
Here are Sharon's thoughts on the day and the items we bought......
"I am now officially a capitilist!!
Buying expensive things we don't need just cause we want them!!
We went to an Antique Auction today
I had seen it advertised in the paper
and as we have never been to an auction I thought I would like to see what they are like
It was at the Cairns Showgrounds and it was open at 9.30am
so we could have a look before the auction started at 11.00am
We picked up our list of items and had a good look around and marked a few that we liked
I registered to bid and got my number
I was starting to get a bit nervous - and Geoff was no help!!"

Large late-Victorian Sylvan chamber pot
(two photos)
"Geoff really liked a large late Victorian Sylvan chamber pot!
Because our new "bedside tables" are actually Victorian "pot cupboards"
he thought we should have a pot to go into it - for the novelty value!!
I didn't need any convincing and it looks terrific in the cupboard.
Just in case you were wondering it won't be used!! - well, maybe later in life!!"

Left - Tri-footed late Victorian green glass bowl
Right - Small Victorian pin dish in dark green glass

(two photos)
"A very pretty tri-footed late Victorian green glass bowl and pin dish caught my eye
I decided I like the bowl best so I bid for that
and after the auction Geoff talked me into buying the other one as well
As usual I was easily convinced!! - and they look perfect on the dressing table"

Pair of crystal dishes
"I had my eye on a couple of small crystal dishes for our new dressing table
and they look very nice on it I have to say!!"

The dressing table with the new purchases on display
"It was such fun!!
There was so much interesting and pretty stuff and I was glad we were able to pick up a few nice pieces"

The dressing table - updated on Friday 28th January 2005
Updated again on Saturday 22nd July 2006
......and there's more !!
Sunday morning, and I was checking out Sharon's computer
and noticed that she had bookmarked a few pages from the Ebay auction site
Had a look at them and one was for the item below
The auction was due to finish in a couple of hours, so I put in a bid for them!!!

Three-piece dressing table set in ecru Tuscany lace
......and here is another note from Sharon
"I have some nice doilies and runners - one from Tanya when she visited Belgium
and others from my Mother and Aunty Audrey - but these were not enough!!
I had been looking on Ebay to see what the prices were
and had put a couple of auction sites on my computer desktop to "look at later"
Geoff told me this morning he had bid on one
and when we got home from the "real auction" we checked - and we had won that auction!
It is a three-piece ecru Tuscany lace dressing table set
Very pretty and should look perfect with my new stuff on it!
Dunno how he picked the one I liked best of the five "look at later sites" that I had saved!
Maybe we are truly 'in sync'!!"

We have not received them yet, and this photo is taken from the auction page
The larger mat is approx 41cm x 27cm (16" x 10-1/2") and the smaller mats are 19cm (7-1/2") in diameter
"The Tree of Life"

Our 30th Wedding Anniversary gift from Tanya
Three photos of the papyrus hanging on the wall
and the page also includes links to the story of "The Tree of Life"
and lots of other photos

"The Rose of Sharon"

Sharon's Birthday gift from Fiona
Three photos of the hanging craft-work
and the page includes links to other photos of this cross-stitch


More Updates !!

Sunday 6th February 2005
Cotton and Lace Bedspread and Pillowcase Set
Saturday 21st January 2006
Crocheted Bedspread
February and March 2005
Two Antique Brass Ornate Clothes Hooks
Monday 28th February 2005
Sharon's Bride Doll - "Beverly"
Sunday 13th February 2005
Beautiful Ornate Cut Crystal Hand Bell
Sunday 20th February 2005
Another Lead Crystal Hand Bell
Wednesday 20th July 2005
Antique Brass Light Fixture
Sunday 9th July 2006
Bakelite Bed Lamp
Thursday 6th July 2006
Retro Alarm Clock
Sunday 9th July 2006
1940's Vintage Radio

How the room looked before

Click here to have a look at our previous bedroom suite ...... good old pine furniture !!


How much did all this cost ??
Well, lets just say --- "Many, many thousands of dollars !!"

But it doesn't matter, as it is something that Sharon has dreamed about having

She loves it all and sometimes just stands in the bedroom looking and touching everything

......and yes, I like it too !!