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Friday 12th December 2008

As you may have noticed at the start of the FlavorWave Turbo Oven page, it was originally ordered on Wednesday 12th November 2008

A few days after placing the order, I was advised by Danoz Direct that it was out of stock and further deliveries into their warehouse were not expected until Friday 5th December
A bit disappointing ... but there was nothing to do but wait ... so I did ... 'sorta' patiently !!

However, it still hadn't been delivered by today, Friday 12th December ... exactly one month after placing the order
I contacted Danoz Direct and received the following reply

This is from Timothy Pope, the Sales and Operations Manager
I had previous contact with him concerning this order, and he was also the one who had taken and sent me the large photos of the Platinum Model

Hi Geoff
I am very sorry to hear all of this and I sincerely apologise
I was informed that the product was shipped on Friday 5th and I am very sorry to hear it wasn’t and hasn’t arrived
I have including a print screen of your account to show that it was shipped on the 10th, Wednesday

It will definitely be there by early next week - I suspect Monday - if not already at the Post Office today!!
I really apologise for this and I would like to offer you a
FREE '9 Minute Marinator' as a thank you for your patience and understanding
I understand that this would have been very disappointing as it was a gift for your wife
The '9 Minute Marinator' will complement the oven perfectly and I hope it increases your enjoyment of the oven
Let me know if you would like the Marinator and I will arrange it today
I apologise once again for all the delays and can assure you that you will have your oven very soon
I know both you and Sharon will love it
Thank you so much for your patience

!! all the details are below !!
including a 'Christmas Card' from Timothy Pope


 Video Presentation

Time - 2 minutes 14 seconds

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completely after you have clicked the play button
Just be patient for a minute or so!! ...... and due to this size,
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due to 'buffering-and-downloading", simply press play again


Moist, Plump and Flavorful foods in 9 minutes!

The 9 Minute Marinator is based on a food preparation system that commercial meat processors and restaurants have used for years to tenderize meats
The marinator is one of the first electrical home appliances that uses this same process at a price that is affordable

Air is extracted from the 9 Minute Marinator tumbler to create a vacuum
The rotation together with the vacuum causes the muscle fibers of the various foods to open up, allowing the marinade to penetrate the meat thoroughly
The result is moist, plump and flavorful foods in just 9 minutes - or less for fish

Food is tenderized in less time, with less mess and waste

The marinator system also allows you to store food items and extend their shelf-life by several days

---!! Make your meals more Flavorful !!---


turns overnight marinating into just nine minutes
reduces the time you need to spend in the kitchen preparing meals - you can marinate and cook a meal in twenty minutes
regular foods become gourmet meals using spices, dry rubs and salad dressing that you already have at home
has a large capacity canister for large cuts of meat, whole chickens, racks of ribs, turkey breasts etc
can be used to marinate meats, vegetable, salads and desserts
no more mixing or tossing - it does it for you
it's easy to clean and store - the power base fits into the canister so it take little storage space
voltage - 240v


What comes with The 9 Minute Marinator

1 x marinator power base (240v)
1 x AS material canister 4 litre
1 x tenderizer plate inside canister
1 x lid
1 x pump
1 x colour cover instruction manual with two recipe guides
2 x folding chopping boards (red and green) 34cm x 24.5cm



------------Kate .... "Loves flavor of food"
My mother was in town and I made shank steaks cause she likes them
The thing about shank steaks is generally they taste like they were $1.99
When I made it with the marinator, it tasted like top sirloin


------------Cyndie .... "Most versatile kitchen tool"
The versatility of the 9 Minute Marinator is wonderful
The fact that I can do vegetables, I can do deserts, I can do side dishes, I can do pasta
It's great, anyone can use it!


------------Kelly .... "Infuses flavor throughout"
The flavor is completely in the meat
It's infused into the meat
It's not like before where it was just on the top, then you cut in and it's not exactly the same taste
Now it's the same taste through and through


------------Jo-Ellen .... "Love Convenience!"
I can plan the dinner right then because I know that I can put it into the marinator, let it go for the nine minutes
And it was absolutely delicious!


------------Beth .... "Compact Space Saver"
Storage for the 9 Minute Marinator is fabulous
The base folds off, goes right inside of the canister
And it doesn't take up a lot of room so it can fit very easily right inside your cupboard, or left on your counter
Which is key for me because I have a very small kitchen and a lot of people constantly running through it


------------Peter .... "Fresh ingredients, Great taste"
Thanks to the 9 Minute Marinator, I am using fresh pasta, fresh ingredients, and nine minutes later we have a delicious meal


------------Chef Stacey .... "Quick and easy gourmet dishes"
The 9 Minute Marinator has been great
Our clients love the taste of the food
The infusions with the different oils, and the different sauces that we use
We do a lot of experimenting and it has been wonderful



These marinators are available from this Online Store
and click on the logo to go to their Official Web Site


click here to go to the "9 Minute Marinator" page
link active as at Friday 12th December 2008

Price = $79.95 plus postage