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Monday 30th March 2009

and this page was updated on Sunday 5th April 2009

A new stand for the Bird Bath

We bought this and set it up in our yard during October 2004
and it has been visited by hundreds of Sharon's 'Feathered Friends'

Here is how it first looked ... and click on the photo for the details ... and sound effects !!

It was a bit low to the ground
and some of the birds seemed to be shying away


In the above shot you can see two stumps
and these were just stacked together


We moved the bath further back into the corner
and the birds continued to visit in their hundreds !!


And opposite is how it has looked for the past few years

We made more changes to our yard recently ...... and needed the two stumps elsewhere

So the bird bath went on to a new stand ...... and it looks perfect as the two photos below show

NOTE - you can see one of the stumps in the last photo below and it's new job is as a Stand for Sharon's Lemon Grass
The other has been used in the
"Reading Retreat"

A huge tree stump was moved next to the bird bath on Sunday 5th April 2009