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Installed on Tuesday 1st March 2005



Clipsal CENT-A-METER™ is an inexpensive new product designed for consumers.

  • It displays the cost of electricity being used on a portable, easy-to-read LCD monitor inside your home.
  • You can assist energy conservation, sustain the environment and reduce your energy bill if you adopt simple and efficient energy saving practices.
  • Learn how much it costs to operate electrical appliances and save money.
  • It can save you money and help our precious environment.
  • It will change the way you think about energy use and conservation during daily activities.
  • Is a remote reading monitor developed to meet community demands for energy efficiency.
  • It is easy to read, easy to use, and easy to install it. It makes it easy to check out the cost of operating your electrical appliances.
  • Peak load can be reduced by using the alarm to keep power usage and cost below a set amount.
  • Educate household members about the operating costs of electrical appliances.
  • Temperature and Humidity shows home comfort level together with cost of heating or cooling.
  • Power and current flow can be checked for correct and efficient operations of appliances.

Knowledge about the amount of power used enables consumers to make informed decisions about choosing energy efficient appliances, use of sustainable "green power" source, reduction of stand-by power losses and re-scheduling of unnecessary consumption during peak load periods. The monitoring of ambient comfort levels inside the home encourages efficient use of space heating and air-conditioning that are substantial energy users.

The Clipsal CENT-A-METER™ comprises of a sensor, wireless transmitter and receiver. The sensor is a clip-on current transformer that samples the electric current on each active phase wire inside the switchboard.

These readings are aggregated and relayed by the 433 MHz wireless transmitter to the remote receiver/monitor. The receiver computes the approximate power use, energy cost and greenhouse gas generation and displays the results on a large portable LCD screen. Consumers can input specific country currency and voltage, electricity tariff rate, greenhouse gas conversion factor and peak load alarm value.


This product measures domestic electricity use and displays the cost per hour on a portable display located inside the home.

Additional features include:

  • Display of power consumption
  • Displays the cost per hour of electricity
  • Equivalent greenhouse gas generated
  • Indoor ambient temperature and humidity
  • The Clipsal CENT-A-METER™ acts as a safety check to see if any electric heater, stove, iron, etc. has been left turned on before leaving home.
  • Installation is easy wireless technology and the special Clip-On sensor to ensure no interruption of supply. The Clipsal CENT-A-METER™ must be installed by a licensed electrician.
  • Settings and display modes can be viewed and changed by a push button menu.
  • Extra large LCD display. Multiple monitors can be used in different locations for a single transmitter.
  • Additional sensors for 2 and 3 phase power supplies (optional)
  • AC/DC power pack for monitor display (optional)
  • In the near future, the Clipsal CENT-A-METER™ will be available in a wide range of colours and styles to match the decor in your home or office.


Clipsal CENT-A-METER™ is NOT an accumulation revenue meter and cannot check your energy bill, but may be used to monitor individual circuits of metered premises to estimate their share of power use.

The receiver computes the approximate power use, energy cost and greenhouse gas generation.

Technical Details

  • 433Mhz wireless transmission
  • Power < 1.0 mW
  • Range - Approximately 30 metres
  • Accuracy +/- 5%
  • Min. 50W - Max 15KW per phase
  • Weatherproof transmitter
  • Power source 6 x AA alkaline batteries
  • Sensor CE compliant (C-tick N12457)
  • Suitable for 110/220/230/240/250 VAC & 50/60 Hz
  • Currencies $, £ and €

Cable Connector

Frequently Asked Questions

Q Will the Clipsal CENT-A-METER™ calculate my energy bill? A No. Clipsal CENT-A-METER™ is not an accumulation revenue meter and cannot check your energy bill.

It may used to monitor individual circuits of metered premises to estimate their share of power use.
Q How long will the batteries last in the Clipsal CENT-A-METER™? A Good quality AA size alkaline batteries should give an operating life of 12 months.
Q Why do I need a licensed electrician to install the Clipsal CENT-A-METER™ sensor? A Because of the danger of electrocution, Australian electricity authorities require only licensed electricians to install any device on electrical wiring located in a meter or fuse box.

Electricians are also trained to know the correct wires that should be used and to change the default settings of the Clipsal CENT-A-METER™ to suit your supply.

They can also advise you on the safety aspects of your electrical system and correct operation of appliances, to run your home / business more efficiently.
Q Can I save money using the Clipsal CENT-A-METER™? A YES, by reducing energy waste.

A number of electrical industry bodies such as the AGO, SEDA, AGL, CLIPSAL etc have produced publications showing simple strategies for managing your energy consumption and saving money


The Clipsal CENT-A-METER™ has been recognised as a finalist for the Australian Museum Eureka Prize for Industry 2003
The Australian Museum Eureka Prize for Industry is awarded to any business, company or corporation which (through innovation or outstanding commitment to research, development or training) has sought to elevate corporate responsibility for scientific endeavour to a level consistent with our national capacity and needs. This non-monetory prize offers prestige and distinction - plus enduring recognition by having a new species named after the winner through the Australian Museum's Immortals Program.


The Clipsal CENT-A-METER™ is available from Electrical Wholesalers.