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Monday 31st August 2009

A "Major Clean-up" in the Backyard

(seven photos ... and the page may take a few extra seconds to completely download)

A note from Geoff

The yard along the back of our duplex is very long and a 'dividing garden' had been established

Over the last few years, this has gone wild and was overgrown and looked quite a bit neglected !!
As you can see in the first photo, the Alexander Palms were seeding and dropping 'ten-million'
seeds into the gutter, completely blocking the water flow

Time for a cleanup ... and below are the before and after photos ... the yard looks great now !!

It will look even better once the colourful shrubs all reshoot ... I'll add a couple more photos then


Photos from one end of the yard ...


... and more photos from the other end



We do not have a ute and we don't have a trailer
And we do not own a chainsaw or heavy duty pruning equipment

This guy was advertising on the local Community Noticeboard
so we rang and he came and quoted $300.00 for the job

On the day, Sharon and I were his 'labourers' carting the
rubbish to his truck ... and getting covered in green ants !!

Worth it though ... because the final cost dropped to
$200.00 !!