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We were married in January 1975 and during the almost nine years until December 1983
we lived "in many places in many cities" ...... and
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On Friday 2nd December 1983 we signed a lease on a three bedroom duplex in Trinity Beach
and moved from there on Sunday 27th December 2009 ... OVER
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Our present Home ...... from Sunday 27th December 2009

Unit 152 ... Mahogany Village ... 2 Keem Street ... Trinity Beach
which is about 20kms north of Cairns in North Queensland

What is this place ?? ...... Why did we move ??
Here is a 'sneak peek'



A shot of 'Our Home' with
the 'Faithfull Festiva' in the carport


Look familar ?? ... it should !!



Yes, this is Brett's unit !!

Wanting a place of his own, he bought this two bedroom unit during June 2008 ... and all the details can be seen by clicking HERE
That albumn also includes links to over two hundred photos taken in and around his new home

Being part of a 'resort style' complex, it is a great place to live ... everything is done for you !! ... the body corporate does the lot !!

Brett then met up with Kahlia and her youngsters, and found that the place was a bit small for growing boys ... and even though there is a pool and lots of common areas for kids to play in, they really wanted a bigger place with it's own backyard

After looking around and checking out dozens of adverts and real estate agents, Brett decided on a magnificent four bedroom 'mansion' at Kewarra Beach ... and you can see the details and photos by clicking HERE

Now the decision had to be made ...... What to do with the Unit ??

The decision was made ...... Keep it as an Investment Property

Now another decision had to be made ...... Who will be Good, no, Great Tenants ??

That easy decision was made ...... Dad and Mum !!

As mentioned above, we had been renting the duplex at '123 Trinity Beach Road' for over twenty six years ... the traffic noise was increasing all the time, we hated all the neighbours and their bloody barking dogs and bloody loud music, and we didn't want to do any more garden maintenance and stuff like that

Plus, living there we were helping some other person pay off his mortgage ... why not give the rent money to Brett !!

So we moved in ... spending our first night here on Sunday 27th December 2009

And it has been great ... as you'll see when checking out the photos mentioned above, the complex includes a swimming pool, lawned common areas, magnificent trees and landscaping ... and all the work is done for you !!

There is also a large back patio which is included in the photos plus there are a few photos and videos below ... and this is where we spend most of our time

Yep ... it was a very good idea to move ... a real hassle organising twenty six years of accumulated 'junk' but it was worth it !!


Simpson Model 36S550M Washing Machine - all the details including photos and product reviews ... and the price !! - Saturday 30th January 2010

Lounge and Dining Rooms + Main Bedroom + Bathroom - panoramic views of these rooms - they look great !! - five photos - Thursday 25th March 2010

Kambrook KBL200 Blender - for Geoff's chocolate milkshakes and Sharon's protein !! - Saturday 27th March 2010

The Kitchen - one photo - Saturday 3rd April 2010

Strong HD Digital Television Receiver and Recorder - to replace some 'outdated-pre-digital' equipment - photos and all details - Saturday 29th May 2010

Sunbeam Cafe Series Deep Fryer - for the very important reason that Geoff loves battered fish and chips !! - photos and all details - Thursday 3rd June 2010

Westwell Olin DVD Player - like the receiver/recorder above, this is to replace an outdated DVD player - photos and all details - Monday 7th June 2010

Telstra T-Box Digital Television Receiver and Recorder - replaces the Strong unit that is mentioned above - photos and details - Thursday 1st July 2010

Two Turkish Rugs - for the floors in the lounge and dining rooms .. really nice !! - eleven photos ... including 'before-and-after' shots - Saturday 10th July 2010

Tower Fan - to increase air circulation in the walkin wardrobe, we bought this floor standing fan ... perfect !! - photos and details - Sunday 31st October 2010

Russell Hobbs Kettle Model #3090 - a warranty replacement for a Kambrook model - details plus six photos and pictures - Saturday 6th November 2010

Two Bedside Lamps - the touch lamps in our bedroom were playing up - purchased these and they are terrific - five 'before-and-after" photos - November 2010

Panasonic DVD Player and Recorder - replaces the Strong and Telstra T-Box units mentioned above - photos and details - Saturday 14th May 2011

Fisher and Paykel Refridgerator Freezer Model E402BRE - time for a new model !! - photos, details and product reviews - Thursday 2nd June 2011

Philips CD SoundMachine Model AZ1837 - plays every type of music storage device - and it also a radio - photos and details - Wednesday 27th June 2012

Whirlpool 'Crisp and Grill' Microwave VT266WH - a new machine for Sharon's cordon-bleu kitchen - photos and details - Wednesday 25th July 2012

VAX MACH 1 Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner VMCB1400 - the Dyson model we had was 'difficult' to use - photos and details - Saturday 8th September 2012

Ting GU10 Track Spotlight - it was time to update the lighting in Sharon's kitchen - includes five 'before-and-after' photos - Monday 1st October 2012

Tefal Food Processor DO250 - still more equipment for Sharon !! - page includes all the details, photos and user manual - Wednesday 21st November 2012

Dick Smith 2.4GHZ Digital Wireless Headphones - so Sharon can watch television without disturbing anybody - details - Wednesday 12th December 2012

The Front Patio - this was looking nelected so we bought a new Outdoor Setting !! - nine photos including 'before-and-after' shots - Sunday 10th October 2010

The Front Patio - installed a Light and Fan Combination - page includes all the details along with 'before-and-after' photos - Wednesday 16th February 2011

Aerial Views - here are six aerial views of the front of the unit plus the gardens and surrounds - one of the shots is a super sized panoramic - 31st October 2012

The Rear Patio and Common Areas - three videos shot by Sharon - Saturday 20th February 2010

The Rear Patio - a panoramic view of where Sharon and I spend a lot of time - one photo - Thursday 25th March 2010

The Rear Patio - we have seen birds, bugs and other animals around the unit - what could be next?? - have a look to find out!! - Sunday 2nd May 2010

Our Country Stream - landscaping, and a major clean up of the banks near the patio and carport - ten 'before-and-after' photos - Wednesday 23rd June 2010

A drive in the country ... or a Lie ? - have a look at Sharon in these four photos - Sunday 18th July 2010

Rear Gardens - a clean up of the gardens around the 'creek' and behind the unit blocks - thirteen photos including 'before-and-after' shots - 18th August 2010

Rear Drainage Trench - we completed this work in an effort to keep the water away from the unit's walls - seventeen photos - finished during September 2010

"Thank You" - a card and gift from the Managers of the Mahogany Village Complex - four photos - September 2010

The Rear Patio and Gardens - a completely new look ... after Cyclone Yasi paid a visit!! - includes a terrific panoramic shot - 2nd February 2011

The Rear Patio - this Jasmine was initially planted in October 2009 - has now been repositioned and it's doing extremely well - 10th February 2011 - DIED !!

The Rear Patio - and there is now a Jackeroo Series 2000 Burwood Barbeque sitting there ready to use!! - lots of details and photos - 24th June 2011

Rear Gardens - bromeliads, a 'ponytail palm' and other plants from Rhona - five photos - Sunday 2nd October 2011

Wallabies - Sharon was sitting on the back patio and a pair of wallabies came for a visit - information and seven photos - Sunday 4th December 2011

Our Country Stream - heavy rain in the Cairns area has turned the stream into a raging river!! - one video and three photos - Monday 26th March 2012

Rear Gardens - tidying up the garden area next to the rear patio - includes some wallabies and a 'thank you' gift - fifteen photos - Sunday 6th May 2012

Blocked Sewerage Pipe - which was (fortunately) on the other side of our unit block - twenty photos, showing the work from start to finish - 19th February 2013

The Rear Patio - wildlife around Mahogany Village - an unusual visitor - email sent to Doug and Anne Henderson - two photos - Wednesday 27th March 2013

...Click on this logo to see Sharon's Collection

Warning !! - one of our new neighbours !! - seven photos - Thursday 28th January 2010

Category Five Cyclone Yasi crossed the coast near Cairns around midnight on Wednesday 2nd February 2011 - it did not cause much structural damage here ... but wrecked cities and areas to the south - the page contains all the information on the cyclone along with links to details and photos of the worst effected areas - there are also sections with details on Geoff and Sharon's home in Trinity Beach, plus Tanya's in Manunda and Brett and Kahlia's in Kewarra Beach - there are thirty three photos, with a number of these showing Tai getting ready!! - in addition, there was a violent storm in Cairns the following day and there are another seventeen photos showing how it almost resulted in flooding of Geoff and Sharon's unit

...Yes, it's true !! - and this page includes the advertisement along with twelve terrific photos - Monday 12th November 2012