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Monday 6th October 2008

The front of the unit complex ...... and a new 'patio-garden' area

small and large versions of five different photos
the large are 1200 pixels wide - make sure your monitor/screen is set to its maximum size

An early morning view from the Street

A new 'patio-garden' area at the side of our Duplex

This change, especially the block wall, was done for two reasons
Firstly, this is a second parking area which we did not use and it was "a bit of a dead area"
As you can see, we had a number of potted palms and shrubs and we can now display them in this 'enclosed' space
Secondly, all the trees in the background are nice ... but also a nuisance
They continually drop leaves and twigs which blow down the side and end up making a mess near our front door
Hopefully this will also solve that problem