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"To Mum from Brett"

......and there are notes from Brett and Sharon below the photos

Timber outdoor table

(three photos)

Merry Christmas, Mummy
Hope you like it - and get some coasters!!!!!

Thank you for my beeyootiful table!!
I came home from work tonight
- made our cup of tea as I usually do and took it outside as I usually do -
and there was the table with my lovely little Christmas tree (that was Grandmas!) on it
I even managed to spill hot tea on my hand 'cause I hurried over to it!
It is so nice - it is long and is really nice timber with lovely rounded edges
It has been very well made and I love it
Dad placed it so one end is near the wooden seat that we made with the concrete bottoms
It all looks very naturish!! - which you know I like
I guess Dad will take a pic and show you soon
Thanks again
With Lots of Love from Mum