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A Toaster and Kettle

Two very basic kitchen appliances - but look at all the advertising hype!!!

......they do look very nice though!!!

"Russell Hobbs"
The recognized leader in product innovation quality and design since 1952
Russell Hobbs is the premier brand in Home Decor small appliances
Since acquiring Russell Hobbs worldwide,
we have wasted no time in ensuring Australian and New Zealand retailers and consumers alike
continue to enjoy the success that only a brand like Russell Hobbs can provide
"Every once in a while a product hits the floor with such speed that it takes off almost immediately
much to everyone's surprise and delight
Such I believe to be the case with these two new products from Russell Hobbs
The new state-of-the-art toaster technology - TOASTEC and the new OPTEC kettle
Both will revolutionise the toaster and kettle market!" says Salton MD, Milton Dickins

"Classic Satin TOASTEC 2-slice Toaster"
Model #9376

NOTE - look at all the buttons and lights - just to make a slice of toast!!!


What is TOASTEC?
TOASTEC is exciting new technology for toasters
TOASTEC is a unique system
Unlike traditional toasters, the TOASTEC shutter system encloses the bread as it toasts
This holds in the heat, which enables quicker crisping without drying out the bread at the same time!
Why is the TOASTEC range better than ordinary toasters?
The TOASTEC shutter system cooks toast rapidly
This creates toast which is crisp on the outside without drying on the inside
In other words the perfect slice of toast!
Furthermore TOASTEC is fast and energy efficient
Heat is kept inside the toaster where it belongs rather than letting it escape

"OPTEC Satin Carousel Kettle"
Model #3123AU

What is OPTEC Disc?
OPTEC stands for Optimised Printed Element Technology
and represents the latest heating technology for applications in domestic appliances
Customised inks printed on a stainless steel disc produces this rugged efficient heating element
What this means is that water boils instantly upon contact with the disc
- this dramatically improves heat transfer and energy efficiency
What is Rapid Boil?
The Rapid Boil OPTEC Disc begins boiling as soon as you turn it on - you can actually hear it!
The controllability is similar to gas with almost instant energy on or off