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Friday 5th August 2005

1940's(?) Dark Timber Veneer Display Cabinet

(lots of photos!!! - and a video!!!)

But first, a story from Sharon......

We had a bit of a dilemma in our house

We have run out of room for my trios!!
We needed a new display cabinet!!

I had a look on Ebay and found a couple of perfect ones but it cost a fortune to have them shipped up here from 'down south'

So, I made a list of every secondhand dealer and antique shop here in Cairns and off we went

The second place we stopped at was "The Bowershed" at Freshwater and there we found what we thought would be ideal
It was a bit unkempt and the owner said it was crying out for some oil!
We asked him to hold it because I had to have a look at the other places - "just in case!!"

We saw a complete range!!
From thirty years to one-hundred year old pieces - and from one-hundred-and-fifty to one-thousand dollars

Back to the Bowershed and a second look
This cabinet seemed to be the best 'dollar-for-dollar' value - and it looks as though it has a bit of history which we like
We decided it would clean up nicely
So we bought it!!

It is a dark timber veneer display cabinet
It is 1200mm high, 580mm wide and 33mm deep
It has four timber shelves and the two doors have a thin timber design on them that give the appearance of leadlight

We don't have a clue as to it's true history - but, at a guess, we think it was made in the 1940's

We brought it home - and put it in the middle of the floor - and it didn't look much at all!!
Dirty - dusty - scratched - spots of white paint here and there - grime caked on the glass, etc etc

Vacuumed it all over, and then I got stuck into it!!
A couple of wipe overs with some lemon oil and beeswax, very carefully removing the spots of paint so the veneer wasn't damaged, and cleaning and polishing the glass
Also, the door handles were quite dirty and cleaned up beautifully as well
They have a piece of decorative bakelite on them which looks nice and helps date it

The end result? - it was worth it - and you would hardly recognise it because it looks fabulous!!

I spent a bit of time 'rearranging' all my lovely china and I love sitting in my chair and looking at it!!

PS - this now gives me three display cabinets - should be enough - for a little while!!
Another PS - the cabinet cost $375.00 - but now looks like twice that!!