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Wednesday 6th October 2004

A Bird Bath

... look at this !!
------... a visitor !!


If your speakers are on, you should be able to hear the birds
talking about how terrific Sharon is!!!
(give the birds a few seconds to start their chirping)
Windows Media Player required
If you cannot hear the birds, you most probably have an older version installed
Version #9 is necessary, and it can be downloaded for free by
clicking here
* make sure your speakers are on


A note to Sharon

Well, for around a week or so, the birdbath has been ready for your feathered friends
and I have told you a couple of times that there have been "signs"
that they have checked it out - water level down and splashes over the ground

Today it happened!!!
I checked out the backdoor - and there they were!!!
Two of them - jumping and splashing and whistling and generally having a good time!!!

Then the panic started
Get the camera, load the batteries, turn it on and get it ready to record the moment
and all the time hoping they didn't fly away!!!

By the time I was ready, one had gone but one stayed to have her picture taken just for you

I managed one shot from out the window (the insert on the right)
and then carefully opened the backdoor to take the main photo

She wasn't too happy about this and didn't like to be disturbed while bathing
but I explained the situation and she hung around for this shot
However, she also mentioned that she has a lot of friends in the group of
"big-bastard-birds" that starred in the Alfred Hitchcock movie and that they
would be prepared to fly over to defend her privacy!!!

.......... BIRDS!!!

Right at this moment I bet the tears of joy are rolling down your face
- and I can only try to imagine the happiness Tanya and Brett are
feeling for you


you know now it is happening!!! ..... so it is up to you!!!

Watch for yourself!!!

I can't hang around all day waiting for a bird to take a bath!!!