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Display Cabinet

Sharon's "Very Precious Family Items"

(lots of details and photos)

A note from Geoff on Wednesday 19th April 2006

"No!!! - this is not a new cabinet, as we have had it for a number of years

In the past, it has been used to store videos, photo albumns
and Brett's baseball trophies and awards
It even spent some time being a room divider in the lounge

It is not an "Antique" and I suppose it is not really a "Collectable"

But it has been included in this albumn because it is now a display cabinet for
Sharon's "Very Precious Family Items"
- and you can see this in the photos below

The cabinet is huge, being 203cm high, 164cm wide, and 42cm deep

It is also very heavy, as it is made from solid timber
and the shelves and sliding doors are 1/4-inch plate glass"

"Sharon did not like the "look" of the cabinet
She thought it was too much "like something from a shop"!!!

(which it is actually, as we picked it up very cheap from a photographic store
in Trinity Beach that was closing down)

She spent a lot of time looking at different ideas,
and finally decided on these Antique Roses"

Here is the "new look cabinet"

"The roses were added to each corner of the glass doors,
the shelf,
and to the centre of the timber doors at the bottom"

The result - it now looks very nice!!!