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Monday 20th September 2004

......to Tanya and Brett's "in-transit-room"

(four photos)

A note to Tanya
Dear Participant
Thank you for taking part in our recent "Room for the Orphans" project
The response has been very gratifying
We wish to point out that, in $ terms, your contributions were easily the largest of those received
- and are definately the most important!!!
We do remember that these items are only on loan,
and that they must be returned to you when you require them
The project is now completed, and we invite you to have a look at the finished result
by CLICKING HERE (http://www.ronebergcairns.com/ahouse_96.html)
You will notice that your contributions are very prominent!!!
Thank you
Chief Executive Officer - "Room for the Orphans" Project

 Courtesy of Geoff  Design and layout of the room
   Drilling all the damn holes for the pictures, photos and cables
 Courtesy of Sharon  Painting - selection of colours - walls (silverado) - pelmets (mocha java)
   Selection of the material and then making up the curtains
   All picture and photo framing
   Supply and painting of shelf
   Directors chair
   Brass coat/hat hooks x 2
 Courtesy of Tanya  68cm television
   VCR player
   DVD player
   Television stand
   Bedside tables x 2
 Courtesy of Brett  Airconditioner
   Bed and bedding
   Sydney 2000 Olympics display unit
 Other items  Clock - gift to Brett from Heather Law
   Bear - gift to Brett from a friend
   Boxing Kangaroo - gift to Brett from Sharon's Australia Post workmates
   Separate phone line/number
   Austar satellite television

......and Tanya's reply
Is there anything left in my storage shed?
Or have you used everything!

A comment from Brett
Oh my God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Why would anyone ever want to leave??