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Can anyone help in indentifying this piece of furniture???

Back on the 3rd October, we bought (click) this buffet for Sharon to use as her "Hobby and Craft Centre"
Well, it wasn't big enough!!!

So, with credit card in hand, we did the rounds of the furniture stores again on Saturday 8th November 2003

An interesting point.
I don't think there is anyone 'quicker in the draw' to get the credit card out of a wallet than Sharon!!!
She is lightning fast!!! - I think she oils the card for that extra speed!!!
John Wayne? - Clint Eastwood? - they wouldn't stand a chance!!!

Back to the search.
We looked in numerous stores at more new pieces, and had almost made up our (her!!!) mind,
but decided to have a look in a second-hand place.
As soon as Sharon saw this piece, she said - "That's what I want!!!"

(and in a fraction of a second, the credit card was out!!!)

As can be seen from the photos below, the unit is a bit unusual.

It is of solid timber, and is in great condition.
The drawer handles are of metal and in a shell shape,
and the door locks are the old-fashioned type with a large fancy key,
and these can be seen in the photos.

The part that has us mystified is how the drawers are made.

As you will notice, each of the five drawers has a glass front, with a "false front" of timber set back about thirty-five mil.
The sales-lady thought that this type of drawer was used "many years ago" in shops selling haberdashery or similar items.

We don't know the age of the cupboard,
and if anyone can enlighten us on that and what it may have been used for, we would appreciate it.

Another interesting point.
This cupboard has been in the house for less than twenty-four hours - and it's also full!!!