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1950's Kitchen Wall Display Cabinet

A note from Geoff on Saturday 8th April 2006
"As you may have noticed,
we have recently purchased lots of "Kitchenalia Collectables" items

This led to a bit of a problem - Where do we put them??

Our kitchen had open shelving which we put up many years ago
We wanted something more in keeping with the era

Over the last couple of months, we have been keeping an eye out for a suitable cabinet
Then today we saw it!!
It was sitting in the shop and saying - "I am exactly what you want - buy me!!"
So we did!!

The wall unit is in perfect condition, and at 137cm long, 53cm high, and 29cm deep,
it was the exact size for the wall it was to go on
It looks fabulous!!"

After you have looked at these photos
to see
The "New Look" Kitchen



The cabinet was purchased from......

......which specialises in household items from the 1950's to the 1970's

The cost was $160.00 plus this delivery charge of $35.00


--Auctions for similar wall cabinets

......for price comparisons!!!


Auction #01

Shabby Vintage Deco Kitchen Dresser Top Cupboard
This old vintage dresser top will make for a great storage or display cupboard
for your kitchen or kids room
It has been the top part of a old kitchen dresser and will suit being mounted on the wall
The two glass doors will allow to display your kitchen collectables or dinner set!!
The age would be circa 1930's to 50's
The cupboard is in great strong and stable condition - but it could do with a repaint
There are locks on each of the doors to secure them
The unit measures 600mm tall x 1210mm long x 605mm deep
Item location - Brisbane, Queensland Australia
This auction ended on Thursday 12th April 2007
The starting price was set at $39.00 - with 'pick-up' only and no deliveries
There was one bid during the auction -
Final selling price was $39.00