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Saturday 30th January 2010

New Washing Machine

five photos


!!--The New--!!

Model Number - 36S550M

Serial Number (first machine) - 94950944
Serial Number (second machine) - 94650268 - see below for details


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and now for---"Geoff's Report"

We bought this machine on Saturday 30th January 2010 and picked this particular one for a few reasons
#01 - it has an agitator
#02 - the brand name of 'Simpson', and
#03 - the overall dimensions as it had to fit in the laundry "cupboard" in our unit

It was first used the following Monday ...... and then the fun started !!

It's a bit noisy ...... way more than I expected
I immediately put the machine on 'pause' and rang Simpsons Customer Care Department
The consultant listened to the washer over the phone and felt that it was noisier than normal
With her permission, I rang Smithfield Electrics, their Service Agent in Cairns
They suggested I go back to The Good Guys and ask for a replacement washing machine
Which I did ... and it was delivered the same day !!
No complaints with any of the service or assistance I received !!

So the second one was set up ...... and it makes the same level of noise !!

It's not deafening, and maybe I over-reacted having had a completely silent machine before
However, I feel it is something that Simpsons should make the buyers aware of at the point of sale
If this had been pointed out to us, there would not have been any need for the above exchange

Other than this, the machine performs as it should and is perfect for our needs