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Tuesday 19th February 2013

Brett's Unit in Mahogany Village
Trinity Beach

"Our Home"


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A Sewerage Pipe that doesn't Work !!

Our block consists of four units ... two on the ground floor with two more above

Ours and the one on top were okay, but the two on the other side had a major problem
The waste water wouldn't flow away ... not a very nice situation !!

Especially for those living in the ground floor unit who not only had problems with their own toilets and sinks,
but the waste from the unit above was also ending up inside their home !!

A plumber was called who worked out that the blockage was somewhere near the orange mark near the top of this photo

Just as a matter of interest, the paved edge and gravel path along this rear wall were done by Sharon and myself
back in September 2010 ... it is a "long story" and the details and photos can be seen by clicking

Well, tomorrow they are going to be dug up ... which is not a problem
The priority is fixing the sewerage ... pavers and paths can be relaid easily after that's done


Tuesday 19th February 2013

The machinery moves in ...

... and the hole gets bigger

"I think we have found a water pipe"

"Confirmation ... we have found the mains water pipe !!"

The mains water was turned off and the excavator went back to work

The plumber left to buy the hose and joiners needed to repair the mains
and while he was away, Pappa (one of the residents) jumped in the trench and did some shovel work

The pipe he is standing on was exposed
and when the plumber got back he cut out a 500mm length so he could examine both ways on the inside
Using a terrific very bright torch, the result to the left of the photo was okay ... but to the right there was trouble !!

About 1.3 metres back in under the slab he could see a mass of tree roots
Not only that, he could see that the pipe was broken, having given away at the ninety degree join

The excavator operator reversed his bucket so it would act like a scoop ...

... and slowly dug a tunnel under the unit block


As well as going under the slab, the hole had to be deep enough to allow the plumber access and room to work

He eventually got in there and the old pipe was ripped out

Here we have got a man down a hole ...... doesn't look much, does it ??

But you have to remember that there was a break in the pipe
so sewerage had been soaking this ground for maybe a couple of years

It was not a pleasant place to spend the day ...

... and he comes up for a breath of fresh air !!

The sewerage pipe has been replaced and the repaired water mains can also be seen in this shot

Part of the hole was then filled in, and the operator used the bucket to force soil back under the slab

The rest of the connections were then made ...

... and the hole filled in ...

... and the area tidied up as much as possible

!! The job is ... Finished !!

and you can bet the plumber went home and stood in the shower for an hour or two !!


Wednesday 20th February 2013

Doug Henderson, the Manager of Mahogany Village, has already added a bit of gravel to the path

and once the ground has settled, we will then relay the pavers