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Sunday 2nd May 2010

The Local Wildlife

Since moving into this unit we have seen lots of 'nice little creatures'

First a CROCODILE moved in down the road ... and CLICK HERE for the details ...

... and the CURLEWS hiss-and-harass each time you go out the back ...


... and Sharon saw a LIZARD similar to this run across the patio and it was about 18 inches long ...

... and the WALLABYS and JOEYS are frequent visitors ...

... and these COCKATOOS screech and yell all day ...

... and the BANDICOOTS dig around in the gardens at night ...

... and the KOOKABURRAS spend their day laughing at us !!



Well, Sharon and I were sitting on the back patio having a pleasant chat and a cup'o'tea
All of a sudden we had a visitor ... unasked and unwanted !!

Here it is ... on the screen door


Do I hear you saying ... "That's not real big"

Have a look at the close up shot below !!

It was easily 25 to 30cms long ... about 10 to 12 inches
and we didn't want the thing taking a jump and landing on our head !!


Sharon reckons it wasn't "too well"
and it does look to be missing one of it's legs


She got a twig, made it get on and put it over the other side of the creek
Had a look later and it was gone ... eaten by a bird or flew/jumped away ??


I reckon it was one of these




for more info ex Google Search