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Saturday 27th November 2010

Brett's Unit in Mahogany Village
Trinity Beach

"Our Home"

Bedside Lamps

The lamps shown in the photo below were a 2002 Christmas Present
and click here for all the details and lots of photos

Unfortunately, the touch-switch mechanism in one of them stopped working
and there is no other switch except at the wall plug ... which is really a damned nuisance !!

We decided to replace them, but kept the one still working and that is now in the ensuite

Looking at dozens of lamps on both the internet and in-stores,
we found that touch lamps these days are hard to find ... and when they do appear, the designs are 'awful', especially the shades !!

So we started looking at models that have in-cord switches and came across the range shown below

??--which one did we choose--??


The Winner



NOTE - in this photo, the shade looks to
have a gloosy finish ... it doesn't
and this effect is due to the camera flash

It looks almost exactly the same as in the next shot



NOTE - there is a further 'super-sized' version below

Here they are in our Bedroom


!!--they stand at around 80cm and match the rest of the bedroom perfectly--!!



The lamps were purchased from ...

... and the receipt is opposite


Here is the 'super-sized' Version