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Brett - 2009


Updates during 2009

Brett's Home Unit Albumn

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--- A Babbling Brook

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--- Thursday 5th February 2009
-------------#1 - A present from Dad and Mum - and it's something for his home - ??? - details and photos
-------------#2 - A video message ... and a song ... from Sharon aka Mum ...... PLUS ... there is a 'Special Guest'

A new sound system for his car - and it is a Pioneer 4 Channel High Power WMA/MP3/CD Player with Direct Connection for iPod - the page includes all the details and lots of photos, including some "before-and-after" shots - Wednesday 29th April 2009

Circuit Training ... The Instructor
His Mum has 'employed' him as her Personal Trainer!! - he set up a program of eight exercises which Sharon then completed under his supervision - the venue was over at the baseball fields - twenty six photos - Sunday 3rd May 2009

Mother's Day 2009 - Tanya and Brett took their Mum out to Breakfast - and the venue was Vivo Restaurant, on the Esplanade at Palm Cove - the page includes photos of the restaurant, plus eighteen shots of Sharon, Tanya and Brett - Sunday 10th May 2009

On Monday 25th May 2009 Brett booked to go to AC/DC's Black Ice World Tour Concert which is being held in Brisbane during February 2010 - this page includes photos and a promotional video, along with all the tour details, and the Brisbane venue and seating chart - and it also includes a note on the 'scalpers' making huge profits via Ebay!!
-----------------page updated and CLICK HERE to go to "Brett's 2010 Albumn"

Brett's employer - and he has been offered ... and has accepted ... a position as 'Project Supervisor' - the page includes Brett's business card - and a song from Roy Orbison!! - Wednesday 27th May 2009

Circuit Training ... #02
Sharon had another hard session with Brett!! - and this time it was recorded on eleven videos!! - Saturday 6th June 2009

Circuit Training ... Teacher v Student
Brett has been supervising his Mum's fitness program for a few months ... and she thought it was time for a comparison!! - one photo - Saturday 4th July 2009

Brett's Portfolio
And this albumn includes fourteen photos with various outfits and various backgrounds - and it's a great selection!! - Saturday 4th July 2009

A "Karaoke" Night Out!! - Sharon, Tanya, Brett and a bunch of their friends went to a restaurant ... and they all got up to sing!! - this page has all the details, including the venue, a note from Sharon about her night out, and a bunch of photos - Saturday 4th July 2009

FNQ's Most Eligible Bachelor
This promotion was run by The Cairns Post and The CairnsEye - and Tanya nominated Brett!! - the page includes the competition details along with Tanya's submission and the photo she chose - July 2009
-----------------page updated on Friday 10th July 2009 - Brett has been selected into the "Top 20"!!
-----------------page updated on Tuesday 28th July 2009 - winners being announced tomorow!!
-----------------page updated on Wednesday 29th July 2009 - the results are in!!

CrossFit ... FRAN Routine
Brett completed the CrossFit "FRAN" routine - the page includes a demonstration video and the exercises involved - plus a five minute video of Brett doing the routine!! - and the time he took - Wednesday 15th July 2009
-----------------page updated on Wednesday 18th November 2009 - completed the routine again
-----------------page updated on Friday 19th February 2010 - completed the routine again
-----------------ATTENTION - Wednesday 8th December 2010 - this link now goes to the CrossFit 'FRAN' Routine Index Page
-----------------------------------------after the page opens, simply scroll down to all of the above dates

Brett and Kahlia - two photos - Friday 11th September 2009

And here are Brett and Kahlia again - taken at the LDI Shogun Heat Post-Grand Final Party - one photo ... plus Brett has a few words to say!! - Friday 11th September 2009

A street survey conducted by The Cairns Post - and Brett is asked about the Grand Final Weekend in Cairns - published on Friday 18th September 2009

Brett and Kahlia at her Mum's Wedding in Gladstone - photos include Brett, Kahlia, 'My Mum', 'My Grandma Betty' and Kahlia's sisters Rachael and Tiarna - nine photos - Saturday 19th September 2009

PURCHASED A 'FOUR BEDROOM' HOME !! --- November 2009
Click here to go to the albumn - includes all the details along with dozens of photos!!!

CrossFit ... KELLY Routine
Brett completed the CrossFit "KELLY" routine - the page includes a demonstration video and the exercises involved - and two photos of Brett ... after it was over!! - in addition, there is also a list of the times taken by Sharon, Tanya, Louis, Andria, and Brett - three photos - Saturday 21st November 2009

CrossFit ... The Instructor
Earlier this year Brett started helping Sharon out with a fitness program and soon after Tanya also joined in - Tanya mentioned what they were doing to her friends at work and all of a sudden Brett had a bunch of students!! - he runs a session two or three times a week which is really appreciated ... so they all got together and bought him a few "associated items" plus "a bottle of booze" as well as a "thank you" card from them all - the page includes a video of Tanya making the presentation and a photo of the card - included are Brett, Sharon, Tanya, Louis and Andria - Kellie and Bethany were not able to be there today - Saturday 21st November 2009

CrossFit ... "Tyre Flips"
Part of Brett's exercise routine - flipping over a 100 kilogram tyre!! - it's from the rear of a tractor and it is sixty inches in diameter - how many seconds for each flip when doing fifty in a row?? ... and when doing seventy-five in a row?? - page includes all the details on this exercise and two demonstration videos - Saturday 5th and Monday 7th December 2009

CrossFit ... A Personal Routine
Brett gave himself a challenge!! - a routine which consisted of fifty repititions of four different exercises ... hard exercises!! - this page includes all the details - and the unbelievable time Brett completed it in!! - Saturday 19th December 2009
-----------------page updated on Thursday 25th February 2010 - added details on "A Challenge from New Zealand"