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Brett and Kahlia - 2010
plus Ramsay and Tai


Updates during 2010

Brett's Unit in Trinity Beach Albumn

Geoff and Sharon
aka - Dad and Mum
are now living in the Unit


Updates during 2010

Brett's Home in Kewarra Beach Albumn

CrossFit ... 2009 and 2010 x

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Part Four - Updates Section

Lots of Photos and Videos


Brett and Tai - in the pool at Mahogany Village - two photos in colour and black-and-white - Sunday 31st January 2010

Happy Birthday !! - Friday 5th February 2010
Photos and details on the present from Dad and Mum - which was a Rover QStart Lawnmower - plus the page includes photos plus both the Owners and Engine Manuals ... and "Interesting Lawn Care Video" !!

Brett ... Kahlia ... Tanya ... Errol
On Monday 25th May 2009 Brett booked to go to AC/DC's Black Ice World Tour Concert which is being held in Brisbane during February 2010 - this page includes photos and a promotional video, along with all the tour details, and the Brisbane venue and seating chart - and it also includes a note on the 'scalpers' making huge profits via Ebay!!

---------------page updated on Saturday 27th February 2010 - added a Concert Review and four photos
---------------page updated on Friday 12th March 2010 - added three photos of Tanya, Errol, Brett and Kahlia

Kahlia with her two youngsters, Ramsay and Tai - one photo - Sunday 21st February 2010

CrossFit - A Personal Routine
Brett gave himself a challenge!! - a routine which consisted of fifty repititions of four different exercises ... hard exercises!! - this page includes all the details - and the unbelievable time Brett completed it in!! - Saturday 19th December 2009
-----------------page updated on Thursday 25th February 2010 - added details on "A Challenge from New Zealand"

Brett and Tai in the pool at Mahogany Village - the page includes one great video ... plus eleven terrific photos !! - Friday 12th March 2010

Cairns Baseball League Working Bee - and using the mower and a drag mat, Tai is spreading the Bauxite on the Infield Cutouts and Running Tracks - and he is ably assisted by Geoff and Kahlia !! - the page includes twelve photos and two videos - Sunday 21st March 2010

Kahlia is employed by Skyrail Rainforest Cableway ... and she was awarded "Star of the Month" for March 2010!! - page includes the details and a Skyrail shot of Kahlia - March 2010

The Cairns Baseball League needed some Ant Bed to build a new Pitcher's Mound on the Diamond One Field - the only place to get this is on the Tablelands so Brett, Ritchie Mounsey, Peter Ives and 'Geoff The Photographer' set off with a truck and trailer - knocking down the nests and loading them up - and these photos include a lot of terrific shots!! - thirty photos - and after clicking on this link, scroll down the page until you come to Friday 2nd April 2010

Cairns Baseball League - using the Ant Bed as detailed above, Brett helped build the new Pitcher's Mound - ten photos - and after clicking on this link, scroll down the page until you come to Sunday 11th April 2010

"A Fishing Trip ... from Hell" - Brett and his workmates and friends on a trip out from Port Douglas - a great series of twenty-four photos showing the whole range of emotions ... from "Happy" to "Horrible"!! - what happened?? - Saturday 17th April 2010

FNQ's Most Eligible Bachelor
#01 -
Brett was a Finalist in last year's competition and this year he is a spokesman - page includes an article published in The Cairns Post which has a terrific photo of Brett - plus a link to last year's details - Saturday 24th April 2010
#02 - an article that appeared in the "Who's That Guy!" section of the Cairns Eye Magazine - includes a photo of Brett - the article briefly mentions his achievements in baseball and his "life after" including meeting up with Kahlia - April / May 2010

Kahlia had a day at work so Tanya and Brett took Tai to "Muddy's Playground" in Cairns - the page includes a few details on the Playground along with thirty great photos - Sunday 2nd May 2010

It's Mother's Day - Brett shot a 'message video' from Ramsay and Tai to their Mum - unfortunately Kahlia had to work but her two youngsters, Ramsay and Tai, amused themselves on the trampoline - there is one photo and two videos - Sunday 9th May 2010

Mother's Day - an early start with Tanya calling around at 6.00am to give Sharon a card and present ... which will be used immediately!! - they head off to do a walk from Crystal Cascades to Copperlode Dam ... and back again!! - then a visit around to Brett's and something to eat - in total there are thirty-eight photos, some being spectacular shots during the walk - Sunday 9th May 2010

Kahlia took Ramsay and Tai for a trip on Skyrail - and the page includes twenty six photos and one video - Monday 10th May 2010

Kahlia's Birthday - Thursday 13th May 2010
She's turning twenty-five!! - the page includes details on a night out with Brett - and a present from Geoff and Sharon ... which is the start of her Collecting Antiques!! - lots of photos and information - Thursday 13th May 2010

Cairns Baseball League - Sunday 16th May 2010
Geoff has been awarded "LIFE MEMBERSHIP" !! - today was the Opening Day of the 2010 Season, and the Presentation took place before the "A" Grade match ... before which, Geoff then threw out the 'First Pitch' - the Presentation and Pitch are on video, along with three other videos - also there are seventeen photos and these include Geoff, Tanya, Brett, Kahlia and Tai ... everybody except Sharon who was doing the producing and directing!! - in addition there are shots of the Plaque and Shirt presented to Geoff ... plus something Extra as well?? - Sunday 16th May 2010

Kahlia and Tai - and a trip to the beach - five photos - Tuesday 25th May 2010 ...... terrific photos !!

And here is Tai ... trying out his bike ... with training wheels!! - there are twelve photos, including a 'prang', plus one video - Sunday 13th June 2010

Kahlia and Tai - and another trip to the beach - five photos - Saturday 10th July 2010 ...... terrific photos !!

Sunday roast lunch at Brett and Kahlia's home - and the shots include the dinner ... and Sharon, Brett, Kahlia and Tai - three photos - Sunday 18th July 2010

A climb to the top of Walsh's Pyramid - Saturday 21st August 2010
Two or three times a week Sharon, Tanya, Brett and a few friends do a Crossfit Exercise Program - for some time the talk has been that they should climb "The Pyramid" as one of their sessions - this is a 'mountain' at Gordonvale, which is about twenty-five kilometres south of Cairns - well, today is the day!! - Sharon, Tanya and Brett along with Josh and Amanda set off early and started the climb around 6.00am - the page includes all the details on "The Pyramid" and safety instructions for making the climb - plus there are one hundred and two photos and one video!! - Saturday 21st August 2010

Sharon's Birthday - and we all got together at Brett and Kahlia's home in the afternoon - had pizza for dinner followed by a different sort of Birthday Cake - then Sharon was given her card and a couple of presents - the page has thirty one photos and three videos which include Geoff, Sharon, Tanya, Brett, Kahlia and Tai - Sunday 22nd August 2010

Tai's Birthday and Father's Day - Sunday 5th September 2010
Tai is turning four years old - we all got together at Brett and Kahlia's home to help him celebrate!! - plus there were some 'Special Guests' as both Kahlia's Dad and Sister (Glen and Rachael) were in Cairns for a holiday - this page includes one hundred and twelve photos!! ... and these cover the present opening, the cake, and lots of general photos taken during the day - and there are also three terrific videos of Tai - in addition, there are a number of shots covering Kahlia's Family celebrating Father's Day - Sunday 5th September 2010

Overnight on Magnetic Island North Queensland - before the Tim McGraw Concert mentioned below, Brett and Kahlia had a 'mini-holiday' on this island which is just off the coast from Townsville - the page includes their accommodation, the beaches ... and their 1960's transportation!! - around twenty photos - Friday 24th and Saturday 25th September 2010

Tanya, Brett, Kahlia and Lisa McGowan are heading off to Townsville to see country music superstar, Tim McGraw - the page includes all the details on Tim McGraw along with newspaper articles on his Australian tour - plus there is a photo of his wife, Faith Hill, and a video clip of their duet, "It's Your Love" - the concert is on Saturday 25th September 2010
-----------------page updated on Friday 8th October 2010 - added fourty five photos and one video !!

Ramsay and Tai - and is Tai a 'Kid Criminal'?? - three photos - Friday 1st October 2010

Brett, Kahlia and Tai - and they are 'sorta' dressed up to celebrate Halloween!! - five photos - Saturday 30th October 2010

The local Holy Cross School held their Christmas Fair and Brett, Kahlia, Ramsay and Tai went along - had fun on the rides and eating fairy floss and popcorn!! - and the page includes thirty two photos - Saturday 6th November 2010

Tanya's Birthday - and this is actually on Tuesday 9th November, so Geoff, Sharon, Brett and Kahlia took 'The Birthday Girl' out to lunch on the Sunday before that date - the venue was The Beach Cafe at Kewarra Beach - this page includes details on the cards and presents ... along with fourty-nine terrific photos !! - and it was a great day out!! - Sunday 7th November 2010
-----------------page updated on Tuesday 16th November 2010 - added nineteen photos from Tanya's camera

Tai and he's doing his "Ben 10" impersonation - one photo - Thursday 11th November 2010

Another concert!! - Brett and Kahlia are off to Sydney this time to see Metallica - at this point, the page includes a 'preview' and a 'review' of the concert - they also went on a Harbour Cruise and a Scenic Flight and these details will be added soon - Thursday 11th to Saturday 13th November 2010
-----------------page updated on Tuesday 23rd November 2010 - added an eleven photo panorama of Sydney and it is spectacular !!
-----------------page updated on Thursday 25th November 2010 - this albumn now includes one hundred and fifty photos and five videos !!

Family Portrait - Sunday 26th December 2010
This page includes six terrific photos!! - two of them include Brett, Kahlia, Ramsay and Tai - the other four are shots of Ramsay and Tai - Sunday 26th December 2010