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1950's Pedigree Walker-Crawler Doll

NOTE #01 - there are a lot of photos on this page
and it may take a few extra seconds to download completely

NOTE #02 - towards the bottom of this page there are updated photos
showing Beverly after her visit to The Doll Hospital during October 2006



Sharon's Bride Doll

A note from Sharon on Monday 28th February 2005

I was in Cairns city the other day and walked past Kornbys Antiques
And there it was - sitting in the window!!
A doll like my bride doll 'Beverly'

I went in a spoke to the lady and had a close look and to me it looked to be exactly the same
The price tag? - $450.00!!
I came home and told the story so Geoff went through all the boxes in the wardrobes
and got 'Beverly' out - and she now spends her time sitting on the bed!!
I cannot remember what happened to her bride's dress,
and in some of the photos she is wearing an outfit made by my Mum

Another note from Sharon on Saturday 30th September 2006

I received Beverly for Christmas one year
She was my much wished for Bride Doll
I was probably about six or seven years old
Even though she is a 1950's doll,
I doubt I would have been younger than six when I received her
That makes her at least fourty-four years old
The hair she has now is not original
I think Fiona cut it!! - and I remember my Dad gluing on her new hair!!


Photos - in different outfits

Blue skirt and white blouse - this outfit was made by Sharon's Mother

Pink dress and bonnet -




More details on Beverly

Now that you have seen the photos,

for a bit more information on this doll

The page includes the details on the size plus comments on her condition,
along with photos of the maker's markings

Plus there are two large facial close-ups of "Beverly"


Sharon's doll - or one that is very similar - is listed in the above publication
Reference page 176

We don't know for sure if the doll is by "Pedigree"
However, that name is mentioned in the Ebay Auctions listed below
and those auctions are for dolls with the same markings as Sharon's

So, until we find out different, it will be a

"1950's Pedigree Walker-Crawler Doll"


Sales and auctions of similar dolls

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This page also includes the different markings on these dolls


Pedigree Dolls' Disease

A bit of advice if you collect 1940's/50's Hard Plastic Dolls - CLICK HERE


Beverly is going to Hospital!!!

Click on the logo for all the details

......and the page includes a number of photos
plus notes from Sharon


As you would have seen from the "Hospital Notes" above,
Beverly needed 'surgery' to her face and a few other 'bits' fixed
Her cheeks, lips and eyebrows have been redone,
plus her walking mechanism has been repaired
She also has a new wig and a new 'mama' box
Sharon is very, very happy with the result!!!

The two photos below were taken on Wednesday 1st November 2006
and compare these to the ones at the top of this page!!!

And yes, it is a new outfit that she is wearing
and the details of this are also below

After a stay in hospital, a new outfit would be just what Beverly wants!!
So I bought this as a surprise for her Mother, Sharon

Red Gingham Complete Outfit for a twenty-two inch Pedigree Doll

This Ebay auction is for a dress and panties and shoes and socks to fit a twenty to twenty-two inch doll - my twenty-one inch Pedigree doll is wearing the outfit in the photo - I have made it from a red and white 'doll sized' gingham check - the lined bodice is a lovely self embroidered white cotton - there is a 'Peter Pan' collar and a red bow on the bodice - around the hem of the dress I've used a red embroidered broderie anglaise from the 1950's and a white eyelet lace threaded with red ribbon - the shoes and socks are included and are really sweet with this outfit

Paid $45.00 plus postage