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Retro Alarm Clock

Manufactured by - ???

Made in Germany - ???

A note from Geoff on Thursday 6th July 2006

"This "radio-alarm-digital-clock" had to go"

"Way, way too modern for our Antique Bedroom!!

I spotted the clock below on Ebay

It looks good and is in perfect condition
......and it now belongs to us!!!"
PS - am looking forward to trying out the "wake the dead" alarm!!


CLICK HERE to see the 'new' bedside radio


CLICK HERE to see the 'new' reading light for Geoff


- The Ebay Auction

......and there are more photos below

Retro Alarm Clock
Take a look at this gorgeous clock!!
It is in fantastic condition
and perfect working order
The body of the clock is a deep-aqua colour
and the face is black and chrome
The alarm would "wake the dead"!!
It's a beautiful thing - don't miss out!!

Item location - Taylors Lakes, Victoria Australia
This item was listed during July 2006
The price was set at $20.00 under the "Buy-it-Now" system
That was the price we paid - $20.00 plus postage and insurance