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Bed Lamp

Manufactured by - ???

Made (circa) 1940's - ???

A note from Geoff on Monday 10th July 2006

We have a pair of these 'touch' bedside lights
which were a Christmas present from Tanya a few years ago

They are terrific
and suit our bedromm perfectly - and will stay right where they are!!!

I need something with more direct light for reading

I spotted the light below on Ebay

It looks good and appears to be in perfect and original condition
......and it now belongs to us!!!

Note for Sharon
You will have to hunt around and find a suitable shade!!!
......and see below for the details on the shade


CLICK HERE to see the 'new' bedside radio


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- The Ebay Auction

Brown Bakelite Bed Lamp
Art Deco - Vintage
In good and original condition
The round base sits flat against the bed head
It is attached by pulling out a sprung plate from the centre of the base
The arm comes out 125mm at which the light is fixed at ninety degrees
No chips or cracks
Original plug - Original cord - Original spindle - All Original!!

A question I sent to the seller during the auction
Hi, and I have just placed an initial bid on this lamp
I have a couple of questions as well
You mention that the lamp is vintage,
and do you have any idea of approx when it may have been made??
Also, in your auction details, you don't mention a shade
Do you know if it originally had one, and if so, what type/style it may have been??
Finally, from your description, I presume that it is in working order??
Thank You, Geoff
......and the reply
Dear Geoff
Thank you for your questions
There is nothing on the lamp to indicate the period it was produced
However, the cord and the plug suggest to me
that it was made in the circa-1940's but I am not an expert
The shade would have sat on the bulb allowing you to direct the light
There is no shade with this lamp
Though the lamp is in working order, it is advised that an electrician certifies it safe
Thank you once again and I hope I have answered all your questions

Item location - Brisbane, Queensland Australia
This auction ended on Sunday 9th July 2006
The starting price was set at $19.50 and there were two bids during the auction
We won!!! - with a bid of $23.00 plus postage and insurance


......but there was a problem!!!

A note from Geoff on Saturday 22nd July 2006

We went out to buy a shade for this lamp, and found one that is perfect!!!
Here is the receipt

when fitted, it makes the light too long when clipped to the bedhead
It would hit us on the head during the night!!!

So the light is now attached to the dressing table
......and as you can see from the two photos below, it looks great!!!

(small and large versions of two photos)