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Sharon - 2005




Our 30th Wedding Anniversary - Tuesday 4th January 2005
Lots of photos of Sharon - as a Bride - thirty years later - with a bunch of Roses - and with the Tree of Life

"Three Babies" - the desktop wallpaper on Sharon's computer - two photos - Tuesday 11th January 2005

A new book for Sharon - and she is becoming "A Student of Antiques" - Monday 24th January 2005
----------and then click here to see some of the reasons for this interest and why her life has taken this direction!!!

Ecards sent to Sharon from Geoff - Friday 4th February 2005
----------NUMBER ONE -- "A Lover's Rose"
----------NUMBER TWO -- "When you're Around"

A lazy Sunday morning and Sharon's in bed with a book - two photos - Sunday 6th February 2005

A "short-back-and-sides"!!! - two photos, and each is in colour and black/white - Wednesday 9th February 2005

Sharon, and she is "air-brushed" and "re-touched"!!! - what a photo program can do!!! - four photos - Saturday 12th February 2005
----------and after you have looked at the page, click here to see a two-photo animation

Happy Valentine's Day - from ??? - Monday 14th February 2005

Relaxing - out to dinner - two photos - Thursday 17th February 2005

In the "gym" with Brett!!! - during his shoulder rehabilitation program - four photos - Sunday 20th February 2005

Held by Sharon at our place - Saturday 26th February 2005
----------------------------Sharon in her new outfit - two photos
----------------------------The same photos as above - but 'cropped' to show from the waist up - two photos
----------------------------It's a party - so balloons on the letterbox - three photos
--------------------------------------and more shots of Sharon and the balloons - two photos
----------------------------'Close-ups' - Sharon, the letterbox and the balloons - four photos
----------------------------Sharon being the Model for the Nutrimetics Consultant - three photos
----------------------------Sharon and her friends during the party - three photos

Sharon's Bride Doll "Beverly" - who has been rescued from a carton in the top of a wardrobe where she has spent the last number of years - and she now has a new place to live!!! - includes as much detail as Sharon can remember - plus an email to Tanya after Sharon walked past an antique shop and got a surprise!!! - seven photos - Monday 28th February 2005

Dressed in her Post Office uniform - two photos - Thursday 3rd March 2005

"Sharon at 17" - the desktop wallpaper on Sharon's computer - two photos - Friday 4th March 2005

Sharon has gone mobile!!! - a new phone - three photos - Monday 14th March 2005

"Beach Girl in 1983" - the desktop wallpaper on Sharon's computer - two photos - Friday 18th March 2005

Just hanging around our backyard - three photos - Tuesday 22nd March 2005

"Just a cute little kid!!!" - 1958 - the desktop wallpaper on Sharon's computer - two photos - Wednesday 20th April 2005

Mother's Day - Sunday 8th May 2005
A page just for Sharon!!! - "The Perfect Mother"

Relaxing in her new recliner - three photos - Sunday 22nd May 2005

"Every Day" - a note from Geoff to Sharon - Wednesday 22nd June 2005

Watching Brett train - at the baseball fields in Trinity Beach - one photo, but with a link to twelve extra shots!!! - Saturday 25th June 2005

A present from all her friends - unusual, but very welcome and it will be put to good use on a daily basis!!! - Tuesday 28th June 2005

Another new book for Sharon - and she is continuing her studies as "A Student of Antiques"!!! - this is the second edition of this publication and refer above to Monday 24th January for the first one - Thursday 7th July 2005

"Call them murderers" - Sharon's 'Letter to the Editor' of The Cairns Post newspaper - following the bomb attacks in London on Thursday 7th July - click on this link and scroll to the bottom of the page - this letter was published on Tuesday 12th July 2005

Sharon working away at her computer and surrounded by all "her stuff"!!! - Thursday 18th August 2005

"It's my Birthday!!" - Monday 22nd August 2005
Sharon's story of her day - including presents, lunch, dinner, perfume, and the movies - lots of photos - Monday 22nd August 2005

"Those were the days!!!" - 1982 - the desktop wallpaper on Sharon's computer - two photos - Wednesday 28th September 2005

Tanya's Return to Cairns after her Working Holiday in London
Saturday 15th October 2005
Click this link to go to the page which has a heap of photos - and lots of them include Sharon!!!

Sharon heading out for a Christmas Dinner with her friends at Australia Post - eight photos - Saturday 17th December 2005

"Back in the 70's!!!" - the desktop wallpaper on Sharon's computer - two photos - Wednesday 21st December 2005