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Reproduction 1940's Vintage Radio

Made in China

Not a "true retro" item as it's a reproduction

A note from Geoff on Thursday 6th July 2006

"This "radio-alarm-digital-clock" had to go"

"Way, way too modern for our Antique Bedroom!!

I wanted to replace the radio with an old transistor from the 50/60/70's

However, these old types only have the 'AM' band
and we have trouble getting a good reception - need the 'FM' band as well

The one below was listed on Ebay

Not quite what I wanted - but close!!!
It has the 'right' sort of old style look!!!"


CLICK HERE to see the 'new' alarm clock


CLICK HERE to see the 'new' reading light for Geoff


- The Ebay Auction

Reproduction 1940's Vintage Radio
Get some vintage style!!
Perfect for work, home and the weekend
AM/FM two band radio receiver
Telescopic antenna
57mm dynamic loudspeaker
Low power consumption
Bright LED power indicator
It is made from chrome and black plastic
Has a black artificial leather handle
Measurements - 17cm wide x 9.5cm high x 6.5cm depth
Runs on three "AA" batteries (not included)
Brand new in it's box!!

Item location - Melbourne, Victoria Australia
This auction ended on Sunday 9th July 2006
The starting price was set at $18.95 and there were two bids during the auction
We won!!! - with a bid of $20.50 plus postage and insurance


An Interesting Note!!!

As mentioned in the auction details, the radio arrived "brand new in it's box"
and below is a photo of the box

Here is an enlargement of the label that is in the bottom righthand corner

I looked up this address, and it is the web site of a distributor of these types of items
It appears that this Ebay seller might buy these and then resell via her Ebay Shop

Below are the details on our radio as listed by this distributor
and click on the logo to go to their Official Web Site

NOTE - we paid $0.50 more than the recommended retail price!!!