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Sharon - 2009





Rose-of-Sharon Cross Stitch
This was started on Saturday 1st March 2008
The albumn has the pattern plus all the details
and weekly photos on Sharon's progress

Herb and Vegetable Garden
Sharon started this on Thursday 13th March 2008
Lots of Success ...... but also a few Failures
This albumn has all the details and dozens of photos


Our 34th Wedding Anniversary - Sunday 4th January 2009
----------a note from Geoff to Sharon
----------a "make believe" present
----------card from Sharon to Geoff

Zumba Classes - starting on Tuesday 24th February 2009
Sharon saw a promotion for these classes in the Cairns newspaper and went along for the Introductory Night - she liked it ... and has signed up for five weeks!! - this page gives all the details, plus there are lots of photos (none of Sharon yet!!) plus a video to watch - it also includes a note from Sharon ... becoming a Latin Dancer!! - Tuesday 24th February 2009
----------this page was updated on Tuesday 31st March 2009 - Sharon has booked in for more classes!!

Sharon ... and she is in her "Reading Retreat" - and this is a new area in our Tropical Garden - six photos - Tuesday 31st March 2009

Australia Post - Long Service Recognition Scheme
CONGRATULATIONS ... SHARON !! - Sharon has reached Twenty Years of Service with Australia Post - this page includes a letter to Sharon from the Queensland Commercial Manager - plus there are details on a Gift along with a Certificate of Appreciation that she will be receiving on her Anniversary Date - this letter was received during April 2009
----------this page updated on Tuesday 19th May 2009 - now includes the Award Gift selected by Sharon along with her Certificate of Appreciation
----------this page updated on Wednesday 20th May 2009 - now includes Three Roses sent to Sharon

Cairns Business Women's Club Business Woman of the Year Awards
Tanya nominated her Mum in the ‘Status Plus Manager in Business’ category!! - this page has all the competition information along with the nomination form and details from Tanya - Wednesday 8th April 2009
----------this page updated on Wednesday 15th July 2009 - Sharon received her invitation to the Awards Information Evening
----------this page updated on Thursday 16th July 2009 - added the "Program of Events" and the "Submission Checklist"
----------this page updated on Friday 24th July 2009 - added the "2009 Applicant Submission Kit"
----------this page updated on Friday 4th September 2009 - added complete details on Sharon's Submission, including two photos
----------this page updated on Thursday 17th September 2009 - added all the details on Sharon's interview with the judges
----------this page updated on Tuesday 22nd September 2009 - the Cocktail Party invitation has arrived
----------this page updated on Friday 2nd October 2009 - Sharon 'dressed-and-ready' for the Cocktail Party
----------this page updated on Saturday 3rd October 2009 - the Certificate and Award Sharon received at the above function
----------this page updated on Monday 5th October 2009 - added photos taken during the Cocktail Party
----------this page updated on Thursday 8th October 2009 - added a copy of an article promoting the Awards which was published in The Cairns Post
----------this page updated on Friday 9th October 2009 - added a copy of an article on the 'free gifts to all' which was published in The Cairns Post
----------this page updated on Monday 19th October 2009 - added all the details on the Gala Ball ... notes ... articles ... photos ... videos

A "fantastic-and-terrific" shot of Sharon - and she does NOT look almost fifty-five years old!! - one photo - Sunday 19th April 2009
----------where was this photo taken?? - click here to see the original

"Home Gym" and "Health-Exercise-Fitness" and "Circuit Training" - The Start
Sharon now has a "Home Gym" - and this has been set up in our carport - the page includes a history of Sharon's Health, Exercise and Fitness Programs from over the years - plus photos of the Target Look!! - two photos - Monday 20th April 2009
----------HERE - Sharon's CrossFit during 2009 and 2010
----------HERE - Sharon's CrossFit during 2011

Home Gym and Circuit Training - #01
Sharon has 'employed' Brett as her Personal Trainer!! - he set up a program of eight exercises which she then completed under his supervision - the venue was over at the baseball fields - twenty six photos - Sunday 3rd May 2009

Sharon sitting on our bed - dressed in her black silk leisure wear outfit - colour and black-and-white variations of the same photo - Sunday 3rd May 2009 ...... a real nice shot!!

--Sunday 10th May 2009
Firstly, the page has photos of "MUM" and "MOTHER", Geoff and Sharon's parents - Tanya and Brett took their Mum out to Breakfast - and the venue was Vivo Restaurant, on the Esplanade at Palm Cove - the page includes photos of the restaurant, plus eighteen shots of Sharon, Tanya and Brett - Sunday 10th May 2009

Home Gym and Circuit Training - #02
Another hard session with Brett!! - and this time it was recorded on eleven videos!! - Saturday 6th June 2009

We went along to an "Arts and Crafts Expo" which was held on the Esplanade at Palm Cove - an artist was doing Portrait Sketches ... so Sharon sat in the chair!! - this page has all the details, including photos taken during the 'sitting' - and of course, a super-sized shot of the completed sketch ...... which both Sharon and I think turned out terrific!! - Sunday 7th June 2009

Home Gym and Circuit Training - #03
A workout in the lounge - Sharon had borrowed a set of 'Biggest Loser' Workout DVD's and spent an hour dancing around the lounge room!! - and in her words, it was "a killer"!! - page includes the details on the program - Monday 15th June 2009

Hair Cut and Ash Blonde Streaks - Sharon is back at the hairdressers!! - page includes before, during and after photos ... plus two videos!! - Saturday 20th June 2009

Sharon just sitting around on a Saturday afternoon - and it's a very nice shot - one photo - Saturday 4th July 2009

Home Gym and Circuit Training - #04 - Teacher v Student
Under Brett's supervision, Sharon has been working out for almost three months - she thought it was time for a comparison!! - one photo - Saturday 4th July 2009

A "Karaoke" Night Out!! - Sharon, Tanya, Brett and a bunch of their friends went to a restaurant ... and they all got up to sing!! - this page has all the details, including the venue, a note from Sharon about her night out, and a bunch of photos - Saturday 4th July 2009

Home Gym and Circuit Training - #05
Sharon's first try at the CrossFit "FRAN" routine!! - the page includes details on this exercise, a couple of experts showing how it is done ... and three videos of Sharon having a go!! - Saturday 11th July 2009
----------this page was updated on Wednesday 15th July 2009 - did the routine again and there is another video
----------ATTENTION - Wednesday 8th December 2010 - this link now goes to the CrossFit 'FRAN' Routine Index Page
------------------------------after the page opens, simply scroll down to Saturday 11th July 2009 and Wednesday 15th July 2009

Home Gym and Circuit Training - #06
A look at some of the results so far - and there are "No Bats or Bingos because of Brett" - now, what does that mean - click here to find out!! - four photos - Sunday 19th July 2009 ...... great photos!!

Sharon at her Beach - four self portraits - and the page also includes four photos of Trinity Beach taken by Sharon during her (many!!) walks along the surf and sand - Sunday 19th July 2009

Snoozing on a Sunday afternoon!! - one photo, in both colour and black-and-white - Sunday 19th July 2009

Sharon is going to the Opera to see "Madame Butterfly" - this page includes all the details, and as Oz Opera’s rendition is being brought to Far North Queensland courtesy of Australia Post, Sharon is attending as their representative - plus she also is attending the 'Opera in Schools' program on Friday - Thursday 30th July 2009

Home Gym and Circuit Training - #07
Commitment = Success!! - the 'new look' Sharon - Determination + Hard Work = A Great Result!! - four photos and two videos - Friday 7th August 2009

"Mater Little Miracles 5ks" - and Australia Post is a Major Partner/Sponsor of this fundraising event - it is held in numerous Queensland centres from May through to August, and "the walk is a wonderful way for families to help make little miracles happen for sick children and babies at the Mater" - the walk in Cairns is being held on Sunday 9th August 2009 - this page includes all the details including the "Certificate of Appreciation" - plus there are eighteen photos and thirteen videos!! - both Sharon and Tanya attended

Home Gym and Circuit Training - #08
Are these items an easy alternative to all the hard work?? - a couple of ideas I sent to Sharon!! - page includes videos and photos - Saturday 15th August 2009

... Saturday 22nd August 2009 - and it is Number Fifty-Five !!
This page was started on Wednesday 12th August ... because Sharon was getting an early Birthday Present!! - this page includes the reason why, and this is explained in two videos
----------the $$'s are all spent !!
----------this page was updated on Saturday 22nd August 2009 - Sharon bought lots of terrific outfits and there are over sixty photos and three more videos !!
----------this page was updated on Monday 24th August 2009 - page now includes links to Presents from Tanya, Brett, Kahlia and Australia Post
----------this page was updated on Monday 24th August 2009 - page now includes links to and these pages include heaps of videos and details !!
----------this page was updated on Tuesday 6th October 2009 - page now includes all the details on Sharon and Tanya's trip to Brisbane

Sharon's Pretty Face and Nice Smile - close up shots of Sharon ... and there are seventy-one of them!! - Saturday 22nd August 2009

Super Model !! - Tuesday 1st September 2009
As part of her submission for the Cairns Business Women's Club Business Woman of the Year Awards [ detailed above ] Sharon needed professional photos
The photographer and her headed down to Trinity Beach and hundreds were taken
Sharon then needed to select five, and from these the Final Two were chosen for the Awards
Here are the five shots ... and simply click on the thumbnail image to see the photo


"Look, I'm in a size 8 dress !!"
Sharon was 'hunting around' to see if any of her friends had a dress she could borrow for the Cairns Business Women's Club Business Woman of the Year Awards Gala Ball [ detailed above ] - this dress was one of the favourites ... but it did not make the final cut - however, it looked pretty good on her so there are lots of photos here ... in fact, there are fifteen!! - it is a black-and-white close fitting ball gown and Sharon was wrapped that ... because of all the tough exercise work ... she can now fit into a size eight!! - these shots were taken on Sunday 11th October 2009

Cairns Business Women's Club Business Woman of the Year Awards - Saturday 17th October 2009
----------see above on Wednesday 8th April for all the details and dozens of photos and videos !!

The Melbourne Cup
Melbourne Cup Day is here again!! - Sharon had arranged for her and the staff to wear fascinators - and here they are!! - Sharon, Sue, Michelle, and Velda ... and one of the Australia Post vans - three photos - Tuesday 3rd November 2009

A Wedding and a Trip to Perth - during January 2010
Sharon is taking off to attend the Wedding of her nephew Christopher to Catherine - the trip was organised by Geoff on Wednesday 4th November 2009 and is an "Early Christmas Present Surprise" for Sharon - at the moment, the page includes a note to Sharon and her brothers and sisters, the Wedding Invitation, and the complete flight details ... and the price!!
----------this page is also in "Sharon's 2010 Albumn" ...... and will be updated as more information becomes available
----------page updated on Wednesday 20th January 2010 - added twenty-seven photos
----------page updated on Thursday 21st January 2010 - added fourty-three photos
----------page updated on Friday 22nd January 2010 - added twenty-six photos

Another visit to the hairdresser's ... and the "Blonde Phase" is over!! - Sharon has now gone for the "Natural Look" - short and easy to look after - page includes a couple of 'before' looks and ten photos of her new style - Saturday 14th November 2009

Sharon and "Ethel" ... who is one of the smallest variety of the Macaw parrots!! - she belongs to Sharon's work colleague Phil Mullens - these shots were taken in Sharon's Office - three photos - Thursday 3rd December 2009

Australia Post - 2009 Staff Get-together ... aka A Christmas Party !!
For the staff at Earlville Business Centre - this page includes details on the Ten Pin Bowling Championships and "Certificates and Blurbs" on each of the staff members along with the 'Secret Santa gifts' - and a note from Sharon on the night out - there are over eighty photos and lots of these include Sharon - held on Saturday 5th December 2009