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From Wednesday 8th April 2009

Tanya, as a member of the Cairns Business Women's Club, received this notice ...

Well, Tanya knew somebody !! ...... and the details are further down the page


and click on the above logo to go to the Official Web Site


CBWC Business Owner
Open to women business owners and operators with 6+ employees

CBWC Small Business Owner
Open to women who own their own entity with 1 to 5 employees

Status Plus Manager in Business
Open to women middle managers, general managers or CEOs who do not own the entity; working in the public or private sectors

Young Female Entrepreneur
Open to young women under 25 who have taken a significant step into business

New Directions in Business
Open to women over 45 who within the past two years have made a significant change in their career and have done so by starting a business

(close at 5.00pm on Friday 3rd July 2009)

Step One
Nominate a colleague, friend or your Manager
You don’t need their permission
In fact it can be a complimentary surprise for them

Step Two
Send to the Cairns Business Women's Club

Step Three
Your colleague or friend will receive notification from the Awards Chair notifying them of their nomination and inviting them to attend the Awards Showcase Evening where they will receive a Submission Kit
This kit will help them decide whether or not they would like to accept and send in a Submission


!!-Tanya nominated her Mum in the .. Status Plus Manager in Business Category-!!

Here is my 'little blurb' for Mummy

Sharon, my mother, is the Manager of the Australia Post Business Centre in McCoombe Street
She manages the shop staff and a number of delivery drivers
Sharon is well liked and respected by her staff and customers - both in the store and many businesses who rely on her and her well trained efficient staff to manage their all important business and personal mail
Sharon and her staff have been complimented on more than one occasion by way of "Letters to the Editor" in The Cairns Post expounding the wonderful, friendly and efficient service provided at the Cairns Business Centre from both large business customers and individuals alike
Many customers travel specifically to the McCoombe Street Centre for this reason alone
Sharon is a credit to Australia Post and deserves this opportunity to "show off"

"Remember this is secret - she won't find out until after 3rd July"


A follow-up note from Brett

Very nice, sis !!

Nomination Confirmation


INFORMATION EVENING ... Thursday 16th July 2009

Dear Sharon


Tanya Roneberg has nominated you for the Cairns Business Women's Club Business Woman of the Year Awards in the ‘Status Plus Manager in Business’ category

We'd like to invite you to our Awards Information Evening on Thursday 16th July from 5.30pm to 7.00pm at the Forest Gardens Sales and Information Centre, on Forest Gardens Blvd, Mount Sheridan
Please RSVP to info@cbwc.org.au by close of business today

My sincere apologies for the delayed notice of your nomination
If you are unable to attend the information evening, we will send you out all the information you require shortly

Once again, congratulations!

Kind regards ...... Michelle Commins
CBWC – Vice President
CBWC – Awards Chair

and here are the details Sharon received at this Information Evening

Program of Events
Submission Checklist


SUBMISSION KIT ... Sharon received this email on Friday 24th July 2009

Good morning and congratulations to all of you for being nominated for the CBWC 2009 Business Woman of the Year Awards!

Please find attached the 2009 Applicant Submission Kit

We would love to see you ALL put in a submission and are here to help you however we can

Please check the criteria for the category you have been nominated for to ensure you meet the requirements
Some of you may be eligible to compete in more than one category – this is fine, but you will have to put in a separate submission for each category as the criteria differs for each category

If you have any questions, please feel free to call or email either myself or Andrea Jackson and our details are included in the Submission Kit
If you decide not to put in a submission, could you please let me know by return email

All the very best – and once again – CONGRATULATIONS!

Kind regards ...... Michelle Commins
CBWC – Vice President
CBWC – Awards Chair

for the 2009 Applicant Submission Kit which includes the following:-

01 - Frequently asked Questions 13 - Submission Format
02 - Letter from the President 14 - What to Submit Checklist
03 - History of the Awards 15 - How you will be Judged
04 - About the Awards 16 - Interview Process
05 - Awards Committee 17 - Award Events
06 - Benefits 18 - Publicity Requirements
07 - Prizes 19 - Statement of Policy
08 - Program of Events 20 - Previous Winners
09 - Costs 21 - Application Cover Sheet
10 - Step by Step Guide 22 - Publicity and Promotions Form
11 - Written Information Required 23 - Consent Form
12 - Criteria for Categorys 24 - Submission Handy Tips


SHARON'S SUBMISSION ... Friday 4th September 2009

Part #01 ... Cover Sheet and Personal Information CLICK HERE
Part #02 ... Publicity and Promotions CLICK HERE
Part #03 ... Promotional Text CLICK HERE
Part #04 ... Resume CLICK HERE
Part #05 ... Selection Criteria CLICK HERE
Part #06 ... Referees CLICK HERE
Part #07 ... Two Photos CLICK HERE


INTERVIEW ... Thursday 17th September 2009

Good afternoon Sharon

Well – first of all – a big CONGRATULATIONS on putting in a submission for the CBWC Business Woman of the Year Awards!

Most of the hard work is just about over and the fun is about to begin

Firstly though, we still have the interviews with the judges
Please don’t let this overwhelm you
We have very carefully selected the panel of judges who are all absolutely wonderful local business people and will definitely make sure you feel comfortable and relaxed
I can just about promise you that you will walk out of the interview with a big smile on your face!

Your interview with the judges has been scheduled for - Thursday 17th September 2009 at 11.00am

The interview will take up to thirty minutes and includes a three minute presentation by you in whatever form you desire
If you have a powerpoint presentation, please bring your presentation on a disc or USB so we can have it loaded and ready prior to your interview

The schedule is very tight, so your prompt arrival is very important

Again, please remember to relax and just be yourself
Your family, friends or colleagues have nominated you because they believe in you!

I will be there to meet and greet and calm any nerves, if necessary
Enjoy the experience and have some fun with it!

Kindest regards ...... Michelle Commins
CBWC – Awards Chair

for the Interview Details ... both 'before' and 'after' !!


Sharon received this email on Monday 28th September 2009

Good morning CBWC Awards participants

First of all – CONGRATULATIONS !!
You are a finalist in your category for the 2009 Business Woman of the Year Awards!

For those of you who were unable to attend the People Skills Workshop on Saturday, we unofficially announced the finalists
You will be announced officially at the Cocktail Party this Friday


At the People Skills Workshop, I ran through the proceedings leading up to the Gala Ball event, which I will outline for you all now

Cocktail Party - Friday 2nd October 2009
------If you haven’t already booked your tickets, could you please do so online here
What to wear?
------Cocktail dress or something ‘after 5-ish’ ... there will be a video camera at the Cocktail Party!
What is the Cocktail Party for?
------The Cocktail Party is where we officially announce the Finalists in each category
------All of the Sponsors, Judges and Committee are in attendance so this is your chance to thank them all
------Remember ... without the sponsors we could not hold such an incredible event
The Interview
------You will each be interviewed and filmed for footage to use at the Gala Ball
------The questions I will be asking you are:
------------1 - How did you feel when you were nominated for the CBWC Business Woman of the Year Awards?
------------2 - What does it mean to you and your business to be involved in the Awards?
------------3 - What would it mean to you if you won in your category?
------------4 - What has been the most rewarding thing about participating in the Awards?
------------5 - What advice would you give to someone who is nominated or considered participating in the CBWC Awards?

That is about it in a nutshell (a rather large nutshell!)
Please let me know if you have any other questions and I look forward to seeing you all at the Cocktail Party on Friday

Kind regards ...... Michelle Commins
CBWC – Awards Chair


COCKTAIL PARTY ... Friday 2nd October 2009

Dear Sharon

I hope that your interview with the judges went well!

The hard parts are over now and you can relax and enjoy the rest of the journey

And those all-important diary dates again for you
---------------------------Friday 2nd October - Cocktail Party
---------------------------Saturday 17th October - Awards Gala Ball

Cheers ...... Andrea Jackson
CBWC - President

for the
Cocktail Party Information
nine photos and two videos
Sharon is ready to go

for all the details on
Sharon's Cerficicate and Award
two photos
Sharon during the Party


THE CAIRNS POST - SPECIAL FEATURE ... Wednesday 7th October 2009

Hi Sharon

Thanks for taking the time to talk with me earlier

Further to the call, I am hosting a Special Feature on behalf of the Cairns Business Women’s Club and their Annual Awards held on Saturday 17th October 2009

With this in mind along with your association with the Club here in Cairns, I am inviting you to show your support for their event and the Club by placing an ad in the feature
With congratulations in order due to your Finalist appearance, please take this opportunity to inform our reader’s that you are proud to be nominated

This will be published on Wednesday 7th October in the Business Week Section of the paper, allowing you to show your support to over 83,000 readers we cater for

Please find attached a copy of an informational with note of the options we have available for your review and consideration

I thank you for your support and will contact you shortly to discuss which option you wish to go for

Kind Regards ...... Rush Pathak
Features Advertising Executive
The Cairns Post

for all the details
on this 'Special Feature'
to see the complete article
as it appeared in The Cairns Post


AWARDS GALA BALL ... Saturday 17th October 2009

Hello CBWC Awards participants

First of all – CONGRATULATIONS !!
You are a finalist in your category for the 2009 Business Woman of the Year Awards!


Gala Ball - Saturday 17th October 2009
------Tickets are allocated to Finalists, Sponsors and Committee first, then opened to the general public
------Could you please send me an email this week, notifying me of the number of tickets you would like to reserve
------If you have the names already that would be even better
------Tables will seat ten people
------Table bookings will be seated together
------However requests to be seated with other attendees not covered under your booking can’t be guaranteed
------If you are booking a table of ten or more than one table, it would be appreciated if you could make one bulk payment and collect
------------the money from your friends, relatives and colleagues yourself
------Andrea Jackson and I will be conducting a rehearsal for the Awards with you on Friday 9th October at the Hilton Cairns, 5.30pm
------------and this should only take about thirty minutes
Tips and Suggestions
------Whether you win your category or not, you are ALL still winners!
------To become a finalist is an amazing accomplishment and you should all be very proud of yourselves!
------Remember to:
------------be polite and humble
------------don’t drink too much ... at least until after the winners have been announced!
------------be respectful of your co-Finalists ... if your category has already been called, keep in mind that there are still other categories
------------------to be announced and give them the respect they deserve
------------share in the honour and excitement of those who do win their category Award ... as I said – you are all winners already! ...
------------------celebrate with your new found colleagues and friends!
------------prepare a speech! ... whether you think you have a chance at winning or not ... you need to be prepared!

Kind regards ...... Michelle Commins
CBWC – Awards Chair





Geoff came in and woke me up at 10.30am ... I haven't slept in that long for ages!!

A leisurely couple of hours at home ... had brunch ... had my shower ... did my nails ... and then off to Tanya's to get dressed, arriving there at about 3.15pm

Tanya's friend came to do her hair and then another friend came to help with makeup
By the time Brett and Kahlia arrived there was a houseful
Tanya made cocktails so it was all girly and fun!

Makeup and hair done ... we all looked gorgeous ... and Brett looked gorgeous too in his suit
Geoff looked nice too in proper long pants and shoes and sox!!

When we were all ready Geoff made a little speech and told me how proud he was of me ... and then I had to go and fix my makeup again!

I was under the impression we were all going to the ball in Brett's car but just after 5.00pm a beautiful dark purple Ford convertible with white leather upholstery turned up to drive Tanya, Brett, Kahlia, and me to the ball!!
Geoff was going in our car so he could be there for our arrival

We went for a nice drive around Cairns, up and down the Esplanade ... I felt like I was going to my school formal ... and we waved and acted like school kids anyway!!
It was a nice feeling arriving at the Hilton is such a beautiful car and Geoff was there to video us pulling up

Once we arrived, the family went into the foyer and sat around while I was whisked away to have drinks with the Judges and VIPs

Once all the guests were seated each of the eleven Finalists were escorted in singly by the Judges
Our photos were up on the big screen and the President of the CBWC introduced us and read our resumes
It was all quite exciting!

Before the winners were announced there was a video montage of the lead up to the Gala Ball
We had all been videoed at the Cocktail Party and I was featured in it
It was quite strange seeing myself up on the screen ... and I was thinking "Do I really sound like that?"
Tanya got all teary!!

Then it came to my Category ... and the winner was announced ... and it wasn't me ... oh, well!!
The girl that did win, Kim Hayes, is so nice and I was delighted for her
I got teary when she was making her acceptance speech because I knew how proud her Mother would be

The dinner was lovely ... and the entertainment was great!!
They are called "The Three Waiters" and Geoff is going to put a link to their home page in one of the sections below
The funny thing is they were serving the drinks to the guests all evening and had Hilton aprons on
When they burst forth into song we wondered what was going on
Tanya said "He just served Dad and me at the bar"
I had my photo taken with them while we were dancing

Tanya, Kahlia and me had lots fun dancing ... and Tanya had a few of the guys a bit excited with some of her pole dancing moves!!
The boys didn't feel like dancing ... wimps!!

If I had won I would have thanked:
----------My daughter Tanya for nominating me and believing that I could achieve the level of success I did
----------My husband Geoff for encouraging me, for having confidence in me, and keeping me to schedule
----------My son Brett for helping me be in the best shape of my life and getting me into my dress!

My family did everything they could to make this whole experience special for me
As usual arrangements are made around me and I am told at the last minute but they are all wonderful and I love them to bits!

I had a great time!!

Now enjoy the photos and videos below ...


"Diamond good for business"
An article from The Cairns Post detailing
prizes for both Finalists and Guests
lots of photos and details
"Sharon's ride to the Ball"

to see Sharon's Ticket,
details on the Entertainment, and the
Giveaway to both Finalists and Guests
for the evening's complete Program

thirteen photos
Geoff ... Tanya ... Brett ... Kahlia
and we're waiting for the "VIP" !!

two photos
All of the Finalists ... official photos
two photos
Sharon's Introduction ... up on Stage

three photos
Sharon ... Tanya ... Brett ... Kahlia
at the table during dinner
two photos
Sharon ... Tanya ... Kahlia
on the dance floor

two photos
oil paint effect

Geoff ... Sharon
four photos
colour and black/white


three photos
Sharon with 'The Three Waiters' and
Nikki Firmin of the Awards Committee

The Winners
Details from the CBWC Newsletter








Sharon's ride to the Ball
The video starts with Sharon, Tanya, Brett and Kahlia in the
1972 Ford LTD Galaxie Convertible which is leaving Tanya's home
The roof is down but it then goes up for the drive into the city
The Hilton Hotel is then shown ... with the car arriving ... again with the roof down

Sharon's Introduction
Making her way to the stage, Sharon is intoduced
as one of the Finalists in the "Manager in Business" category

Sharon's Interview
At the Cocktail Party on Friday 2nd October, each of the Finalists
was interviewed and these were played during tonight's ceremonies
This video includes Sharon's speaking about her career at Australia Post

Sharon ... Tanya ... Kahlia
Listening to the announcement of one of the other Awards

"Status Plus Manager in Business"
The Announcement
The video includes Sharon, Tanya and Kahlia listening and "a hug" for my Winner !!

Sharon ... Tanya ... Kahlia
The formalities are over ... it is now time to dance !!