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Brett's 2003 Team

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"Good luck, Brett" -

--"Wishing you every Success for the 2003 Season" - we sponsored a page detailing Brett's career to date!!! - from "The Baseball Cube" web site - Monday 24th March 2003


Brett's Apartment and Car

Click here for all the details on his home in Hollidaysburg - and the car he bought


Player Profile

----------Brett's Profile - as published on the Altoona Curve web site ..........includes a nice photo

----------another Profile, which was published in the "Inside Pitch" - a supplement of the Altoona Mirror paper ..........and another great photo


Baseball Card - ex Team Set ---(click on the thumbnail to view the card)



Media Guide Bio

A rundown of Brett's professional career, starting in 1996 - includes a few highlights from each season - from the Curve's web site


General Information

"New Numbers" - a brief story on Brett and Uniform #17 - from the Altoona Mirror newspaper - Friday 4th April 2003

"Foreign players face big, small obstacles" - an article published in the Altoona Mirror newspaper - Brett is interviewed, and talks about the snow in Pennsylvania - and driving in it!!! - plus the differences between living in the US and Australia - the article also mentions the number of "non-US" players in the Minor Leagues - Monday 7th April 2003

"......played a good game - looked good" - a few short comments from a fan who watched Brett play - Thursday 10th April 2003

"On-base in consecutive games Streak" - reached eleven games!!! - but ended on Monday 21st April 2003

"Catchin' up with the Curve - 'He Said It' section" - and a quote from Brett is used in this weekly Curve Column published in the Altoona Mirror - and includes a small photo - Sunday 27th April 2003

"Home runs scarce at Blair County Ballpark" - an article published in the Altoona Mirror newspaper - the Curve's Manager Dale Sveum and a few of the players, including Brett, voice their thoughts on the lack of home runs at their home field during April - Tuesday 29th April 2003

"Technology helps Ronebergs communicate" - an article on listening to the Curve games via internet radio - includes lots of comments from Geoff following a request from Sports Reporter Cory Giger - published in the Altoona Mirror newspaper - Tuesday 6th May 2003

"Super Web Site" - an note on our Home Page/Web Site that was with the above article - Tuesday 6th May 2003

------------------------------and click here for more General Information


The Curve Roster

A summary of an article from the Altoona Mirror which gives a few details on the 2003 roster - also includes comments on Brett since the start of Spring Training - Monday 31st March 2003

"The Starting Nine" - the Curve's Season 2003 Opening Day Lineup - the players and their positions - Brett at first base

----------and "The Challenge" ahead of Brett!!! ..........a great shot of Brett fielding at first base

Click the thumbnail image to see the "2003 Team Photo" ..........taken in late August 2003


Blair County Ballpark

----------The home field of the Curve - in Altoona, Pennsylvania - eight photos

----------"Baseball's Back" - an aerial view of the Ballpark taken during the home-opener - Thursday 10th April 2003 ..........a great photo

----------Blair County Ballpark Guide - diagram of the field, showing the concessions, prices, etc ---(153Kb photo)

----------Aerial views of Blair County Ballpark - Number One - Number Two ..........terrific shots!!!


"Over the Wall"

--Thursday 10th April 2003 - home game (Blair County Ballpark) against the Reading Phillies
------------------------------a full game report - excerpts from papers and web sites - photo of the Ballpark and it's dimensions - lots of emails!!!
------------------------------"The Curve's Brett Roneberg crosses the plate and is congratulated......" ..........FANTASTIC PHOTO!!!

------------------------------and click here for more "Over the Wall"


"Games to Remember"

Drove in the game winning run!!! - page includes game reports from papers and web sites - plus an email from a friend in the USA who was listening to the game, and an email from Brett - was a home game against the Reading Phillies - Saturday 12th April 2003

"Roneberg was the offensive star for the Curve, going 3-for-5 with a single, double and triple" - page includes game reports from papers and web sites, emails to and from Brett, plus the complete box score - a home game against the Bowie Baysox - Sunday 20th April 2003

Batting average - passed the '300' mark!!! - went "three from four" in today's game - and the page includes game reports, emails to and from Brett, and the complete box score - a home game against the Akron Aeros - Friday 25th April 2003

------------------------------Over the '300' mark
------------------------------0.305 - Friday 25th April
------------------------------0.302 - Saturday 3rd May

15 innings!!! - 4 hours 26 minutes!!! - and the Curve lost!!! - Brett drove in two runs, but the Curve went down 4 runs to 3 - page includes game reports which show that they had chances to win the game, but could not drive in the base-runners!!! - also emails to and from Brett, and the complete box score - home game against the Akron Aeros - Saturday 26th April 2003

A 'three hit' game - including 2 x doubles!!! - and "some confusion"!!! - had a great game, going 3 from 5 with a walk - and scored three times - includes game reports, emails, and the complete box score - road game against the Reading Phillies - Saturday 3rd May 2003

------------------------------and click here for more "Games to Remember"


Statistics and Game Notes

----------PAGE #01 - Thursday 3rd April to Saturday 12th April 2003
-----------------10 days - 7 games - Brett played in 6 - home run, double, 5 x RBI's - and lots of snow!!!

----------PAGE #02 - Sunday 13th April to Tuesday 22nd April 2003
-----------------10 days - 10 games - Brett played in 8+ - triple, 2 x doubles, 4 x RBI's

----------PAGE #03 - Wednesday 23rd April to Friday 2nd May 2003
-----------------10 days - 9 games - Brett played in 8 - 2 x doubles, 5 x RBI's - plus a game LIVE on internet TV!!!

----------PAGE #04 - Saturday 3rd May to Monday 12th May 2003
-----------------10 days - 8 games - Brett played in 5+ - 2 x doubles, 1 x RBI

------------------------------and click here for more Statistics and Game Notes



51 thumbnail images - simply click on the image to see the full size photo
plus more photos!!! -
Page Two - Page Three

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----------groundsmen working to clear the field of snow!!! - Jerry Uht Park, home of the Erie SeaWolves - Tuesday 8th April 2003

----------Sharon and Tanya - watching LIVE!!! - Game against the Reading Phillies - Friday 2nd May 2003-

------Brett - the dugout - team mates - base coaching - and click here for more


------Brett - warming up


------Brett - on deck


------Brett - checking the signals with the Manager


------Brett - in the batter's box - and click here for more


------Brett - running the bases - and click here for more


------Brett - playing first base - and click here for more


------Brett - playing in the outfield - and click here for more


------Brett - signing autographs - and click here for more