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Sharon - 2004




Our 29th Wedding Anniversary - Sunday 4th January 2004
my Bride of 29 years - and as lovely as ever!!! - two photos - Sunday 4th January 2004

Haircut and Colour!!! - Saturday 14th February 2004
"The Before and After Looks" - five photos - Saturday 14th February 2004

In our pergola - Wednesday 24th March 2004

A day trip to Mossman Gorge and a picnic lunch - Sunday 28th March 2004
CLICK HERE - for the story and nineteen photos

Three photos - Sunday 28th March 2004 ..........and they are fantastic shots!!!

Sharon with the gift she crafted for Lesley's birthday - a photo of Lesley's grand-daughter Bridget which was converted by computer program to a cross-stitch pattern - April 2004

Is this the start of Sharon becoming a "cordon bleu Chef"??? - two photos - Friday 23rd April 2004

Sharon was a member of the Australia Post Team which participated in the Queensland Cancer Fund "Relay for Life" - Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th June 2004

"Body Dreams Bikini Cover-up Shirt" - Friday 18th June 2004

A drive around the Atherton Tablelands - Sunday 18th July 2004
CLICK HERE - for the story and sixteen photos

"Cropped/Head&Shoulders" shots of Sharon - Sunday 18th July 2004 ..........and she is lovely at 49 years 11 months!!!
----------Photos One and Two
----------Photos Three and Four
----------Photos Five and Six
----------Photo Seven
----------Photo Eight
----------Photo Nine

A very different look at Sharon!!! - Thursday 12th August 2004

Her Birthday - and it is #50!!! - Sunday 22nd August 2004
----------Her card from Tanya
----------#1 on the above card - "Small Red Packet" - and it's a "fun gift" from Tanya!!!
----------#2 on the above card - "Big Green Box" - Sharon with her gift from Tanya - from around 1835 - three photos
----------Her card from Brett
----------One of her gifts from Brett - "diamonds and rubys"
----------Another gift from Brett - with "her two little kids"!!!
----------Birthday postcard from Fiona and Denys - who were travelling in Europe
----------The present Fiona crafted for Sharon - "The Rose of Sharon" - six photos

Sharon with her "Lace Lady from Belgium" - Sunday 22nd August 2004

Sharon with a few friends - had morning tea and checked out the antique display cabinet - August 2004

Here she is reading and relaxing in her garden - new pots and new plants - four photos - Monday 6th September 2004

"The Mother of an Olympic Silver Medallist!!!"
Brett's return from the Athens Games - Cairns Airport - Wednesday 22nd September 2004
----------Sharon trying on the Medal
----------Yes, it fits!!!

Haircut and Colour!!! - Sunday 3rd October 2004

Simply click on the "Flashing Hair" to see the new look

two photos

Nice shots of Sharon taken in our backyard - three photos - Sunday 3rd October 2004

Shopping for some new "cotton and cool" summer clothes - Sunday 24th October 2004
..........and bought a red/white/black print dress and red/white pyjamas

Simply click on the thumbnail image to see the photo

A card Geoff sent to Sharon - "just because I wanted to" - Tuesday 26th October 2004

The Holloways Beach Markets - Sunday 14th November 2004
----------Sharon looking around - and buying something, of course!!! - three photos
----------Looking for more!!! - two photos

A visit to "The Tanks Art Centre" in Collins Avenue - Sunday 14th November 2004
----------Sharon outside the Centre - three photos
----------"Mrs Santa Claus" - one photo
----------Under an artistic archway - one photo
----------Sharon sitting in "The Stary, Stary Night Amphitheatre" - two photos
----------The rainforest, a rock pool, a bridge and Sharon - three photos

A "Photo Session" in the backyard - Saturday 27th November 2004
----------"THE -MODEL"
----------24 photos!!!
----------Click here to go to the albumn ..........a terrific range of photos!!!

Art Show and Craft Markets at the Tanks Art Centre - Sunday 28th November 2004
CLICK HERE - for the story and sixteen photos

"Be grateful that you're still alive" - Sharon's 'Letter to the Editor' of the Cairns Post newspaper - following the tsunamis which hit Asia during late December 2004