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From Fiona

(six photos)

"The Rose of Sharon"

Sharon's 50th birthday was on Saturday 22nd August 2004

For some time, her sister Fiona has been "crafting her a present"
As you will see from the photos below, it is very intricate
and Fiona could not get it finished in time

But on Wednesday 29th December, Sharon received a parcel!!!
......and here is a note she sent to Tanya that day

"It is awesome!!
I really did have a cry when I opened it - I couldn't believe it!!
I knew she was making me something but had no idea it would be so amazing
Fiona also printed out the two biblical verses
and they are laminated on the back - about the 'Rose of Sharon'
I am still a bit overcome actually"

to see a much larger version of this photo
(actual size of the framed work is 425mm x 610mm)

to see a large photo of the picture
which gives an idea of the amount of work and time involved

......and on the back

to see it displayed in our bedroom