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We went on a Picnic

Mossman Gorge and the beaches north of Cairns

Sunday 28th March 2004

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Email from Sharon to Tanya and Brett

Well - "The Big Day Out" is over and was a great success

I give Dad "9-out-of-10" for effort - only a few moans about actually being out in the big wide world!

We left home at about 10 .30am and headed up to Mossman Gorge

We stopped at Pebbly Beach and took some photos - beautiful, perfect scenery

(two photos)-- -- (two photos)
These are five terrific shots of Sharon!!!

--- (two photos)

We then drove on to Mossman Gorge

There were quite a few people there much to Dad's horror
but when you start walking it is so peaceful and quiet and the other people were enjoying it too

Another great shot!!!

We haven't been there since you kids were little
Of course it hasn't changed - it is still a gorgeous place

With all the recent rain there was a heap of water going very fast
At the "swimming-hole" we didn't see anyone swimmimg out in the middle - you could see the current was very strong

We sat for a while watching some kids playing and some tourists deciding whether to go in or not
The water was pretty cold - I just got my big toe wet!

There was one Japanese guy who I was sure was going to jump in and brave the torrent - I wanted to yell at him to stop - it would have spoiled my day if someone had drowned!!
He didn't go in!

(two photos)

We also walked through the park and crossed a "rickety-suspension-bridge" which moved when you were on it
There was a sign limiting the number of people who could be on it at any time, and I'm sure that Dad is going to say something about it!!

Once again, a great shot!!!

One of the girls who works at Mossman Post Office lives at Cooya Beach and she had told me about this spot, so when I saw the sign we turned off and headed that way

What a perfect place!!
Some nice houses along the esplanade and a beautiful breeze

We stopped the car on a nice patch of grass and set out the Australia Post Picnic Blanket - pity we didn't have the Australia Post Picnic Set, eh Tanya??

The view was right across the bay to Port Douglas and it was a beautiful spot - not a soul around
(We kissed, but that's all!!)

Our lunch consisted of "marinated chilli chicken drumsticks" cooked to perfection by me!
I made Dad kebabs with kabana, cheese, marinated mushrooms, beef pastrami, hot salami, gherkins and cocktail onions!!
Am I a Gourmet or what??

I had a small salad
We had coconut slice for dessert - bought from Brumbys - I am no good at cakes!
Dad had a beer and I had a ginger beer

I went for a short walk along the beach - I just wanted to keep looking at the view
I could have stayed there all day - we took our books to read for a while but decided to move on

We headed back towards home and we stopped at the Rex Lookout

Dad had said we will stop if there is less than three cars there
When we rounded the corner there was more like 23 cars but we stopped anyway!
We saw three guys take off on their hang gliders and one guy was in a elongated parachute thing with lots of strings!
They looked so great up there flying
I just wanted to be up there too - it must just feel fantastic to be flying around up there like a bird!
If I wasn't so scared I'd have a go at it!

On our way again and there was a road to Oak Beach

We took that and it was a nice and secluded
A few nice houses and a another gorgeous beach with a gorgeous view!!

We were going to stop at Ellis Beach for a coffee
But they had live music and it was so loud - ruined the ambience of the place I reckon so we didn't stay

I was telling Dad I want to go for a walk along the beach to Buchans Point during the week

Haven't been there before but it looks like it will be a nice walk
Not sure if it's still a "nudee beach" but might not be too busy during the week
We took the turn at the top of the hill to Buchans Point
There are quite a few "very, very flash" houses and apartment complexes up there

I thought we were headed for home for coffee but Dad turned off at Palm Cove
We stopped at a little coffee shop on the esplanade - much better ambience there!!

(two photos) More nice shots!!!

Nice watching the world go by
We even saw a couple being married on the beach

Arrived home about 4.00pm

We had a really nice day
It didn't kill Dad to go out!! (I think he thought it would!!)
We might even do it again sometime soon!!

That was our day - beautiful, peaceful, relaxing - I like the simple things in life!!

Bye kids