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The Cairns Baseball League


The Baseball Complex is part of the Trinity Beach Sporting Precinct, situated in Nautilus Street Trinity Beach
and the photo below shows the numerous sports in this area

At a guess, this photo was taken during the mid-2000's and shows the development of the two fields over the past years

The major redesign of Diamond One took place from September 2009 through to April 2010
and as soon as an updated aerial photo is available it will be added here

scroll towards the bottom of this page and note the Skinned Infield on Diamond One



late 1970's / early 1980's------Formation of the Cairns Baseball League
1980 onwards------The Fields and Diamonds at Trinity Beach
!! this page includes links to thousands of photos and videos !!
2001 to 2010------Players, Games and Notes
2001------The Australian Provincial Championships
2009------"Brett back to where all his baseball began"
2009------The Barrier Reef Tournament
2010------Geoff awarded LIFE MEMBERSHIP !!
2010 to 2011------"Cairns Baseball Buzz" Newsletter
2011------Promoting Cairns Baseball in Japan
2011------Juniors using the Fields in April 2011
2011------Brett playing for Stingers "A" Grade Team
2011------The Barrier Reef Tournament - Promotional Brochure
2011------The Barrier Reef Tournament - All Details and Results
2011------Diamond Two - "GEOFF RONEBERG FIELD"
2012------Brett playing for Bandits "A" Grade Team
2013------Brett playing for Palmerston Reds "A" Grade Team [DARWIN]
2013------Brett playing for Bandits "A" Grade Team
2014------Brett playing for Bandits "A" Grade Team
2015------Brett playing for Bandits "A" Grade Team
2016------Brett playing for Bandits "A" Grade Team
2017------Brett playing for Bandits "A" Grade Team

plus there a thousands of photos in

Brett's Baseball Career

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plus there a dozens of photos in

Geoff's Baseball Albumn

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plus click on the logo below to go to the

League's Official Web Site

which was started by Geoff and
Ritchie Mounsey during September 2008

The Fields at Trinity Beach
UPDATED ... aerial shots from Google Earth ... added Friday 6th April 2012 ... include the Skinned Infield !!
NOTE - the "patches" in the outfield of Diamond Two are from where the field was top dressed