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During the 2011 Cairns Baseball League Season

with this page being updated on

Saturday 10th August 2013
Monday 29th September 2014
Saturday 14th January 2017



!!-Naming of Diamond Two-!!


The Start of the Story ...

From Geoff - Monday 15th August 2011

Cairns Baseball League
Below are the Minutes from the Meeting during July
Scroll down ...... you will see the reason !!
I know absolutely nothing ...... bloody hell !! ...... and WHY ??
Ritchie wont care ... he don't even know there is a second field !!

Reply from Kahlia

WOW !!
That's pretty cool ... can't wait to see the sign

Reply from Tanya

Me either
You are going to have to pose for photos next to the sign ... hee, hee !!

Reply from Ritchie

They keep talking about this second diamond they say we have ... I think it's ficticious
That's fantastic !! ... about time I say
Hopefully I'll get the toilet block

Reply from Sharon

Well, it is very cool
I like that there are people who believe you deserve this accolade
Can't wait for the official ceremony or dedication or whatever it might be !!
There is "just a small thought" in my mind that anything with Geoff's name on it must always be perfectly maintained
If it isn't done to his satisfaction he will be sneaking down there to chip out the bases and keep it looking nice and green
Maybe it's a ploy by the Cairns Baseball League to make sure he never leaves !!


... and here are the Minutes


From Geoff to the Cairns Baseball League ...

Tuesday 16th August 2011

The things that happen when you turn your back
Imagine my surprise when I was scrolling down the Minutes and came across this !!

To you all ... THANK YOU VERY MUCH ... it would be a great honour and your suggestion is greatly appreciated, Phil
BUT ... it is highly unusual for me ... BUT ... I want to make a few comments

Anne, you know that I am spending a lot of my time now researching both Sharon's and my Family Histories
Her Dad and Mum and my Dad and Mum
At the moment, by the way, I've got Sharon's side going back nearly five hundred years
And I still haven't discovered which ancestor she got the "hard-to-get-along-with genes" from !!

I also spent a bit of time trying to get "old" information on the Cairns Baseball League
With some notes from Anne and photos from our own collection, I was able to put together THIS page

I got quite excited one day when it was decided to clean out the ceiling space of the Clubhouse and I warmed up my camera and scanner
But the rats and birds had already been through it and there wasn't anything worth saving
Including, unfortunately, heaps of trophies and other irreplaceable items
So much of Cairns' baseball history is gone forever

Yeh, I know I'm boring you stupid ... but now I come to the point

Doing all this research / history, it has made me realise that the past should be remembered
I personally have spoken to a number of people who have seen the sign on Diamond One and asked ... "Who is Lester Todd ??"
This happened a couple times at least during the recent Schoolboys' Championships
I think the guy would be tickled pink and I'm glad he was honoured in this way
Each time the lights are turned on he is being remembered
And he was pretty chuffed sitting up there when he saw Grandpa Chris Morton was back, telling all the guys he sits with that he taught him everything he knows !!

Looking around, I would say that most of the current players would not have heard of Sharks Baseball Club
Or that the grounds once 'belonged' to Sharks
Or people like Terry Hogan and others who were very important in obtaining the grounds in the first place and the early developement
Including the god-damned Clubhouse which we're still using !!
Got to get a new one ... Cyclone Yasi failed us, but before the next one hits the coast, there will be a working bee to loosen every nut, bolt and screw in the place !!

To me, this is the sort of history that should be remembered when considering the naming of such an integral part of baseball complex and that is The Field
I would like to suggest that the 'simple' name of "SHARKS BASEBALL FIELD" be used

And as well as reminding people of the grounds history, it would also jog memories about how baseball used to be with individual grounds around the city ( oh, that was fun !! ) and other points

A little while ago you gave me Life Membership
Unexpected, fantastic, and something I will always be proud of

In this case, however, please consider my thoughts above

Thank you once again ... Geoff

There are a couple of other things about this as well:-
#1 - Ritchie is all peed off ... he says he will flatly refuse to ever call me 'Sir Geoff' ... and he reckons that, in the years to come, the only thing that will be left to name after him is The Men's Latrine
#2 - Looking in to the future, I don't think I could lie there in peace listening to bloody Lester singing out from across on Diamond One that he's got lights and I haven't !!


... and the replies from the Cairns Baseball League

From Anne Kippin

My dear Geoff
I agree with you wholeheartedly that the history needs to be preserved as much as possible
But I am more than happy to have Diamond Two named in your honour in recognition of the many years of work you have put into creating the baseball complex we have
Perhaps the signs to be placed on the diamonds could include a brief - very brief - explanation of the contribution made by the Honourees so Lester would not be such a mystery man to many
I would like to see some kind of record of the history, including the part Sharks played
Perhaps in digital form on the website that acknowledges the input of many people over the years
I would be happy to assist you in compiling it
We could include photographs of the relevant people etc. so the memories could be preserved
When we get our "new" clubhouse a suitable static display could be installed to trace the development of the sport and the complex
We can but dream
So the "GEOFF RONEBERG FIELD ... in Honour of the Grumpy Old Man who Built It" should adorn Diamond Two as far as I'm concerned

From Tanya

Nice one, Anne
I think it is a great idea and reckon that Dad just doesn't want to have to pose for pictures next to the sign !!

From Phil Thomas

Geoff / Anne
WHEN we get a new clubhouse !! ... that would be the time to drag up the history and old memorabilia
Until then ... “The Geoff Roneberg Field” should be it in my books !!
Cheers ... Phil

From Matt Bolton

Sorry Geoff
Anne wins here from my point of view !!
Cheers ... Matt

From Anne Kippin to Geoff - Tuesday 16th August 2011

Geoff ... a more personal response
Thanks for the lovely picture of Lester looking down on us
And I am sure he would be more than happy to share the honour of having a field named after him with you even if he is one-up with the lights
The Deed is Done, my friend ... just accept it and enjoy it

From Geoff to Anne

Thanks, Anne
I accept it and will enjoy it


The Story continues ... the Minutes from the next League Meeting


Friday 28th October 2011

The second game in the 2011 Grand Final Series was played tonight
and the announcement concerning the naming of Diamond Two was made following the game

We did not know this was going to happen ... and Sharon was not "camera ready" !!
but she grabbed one and managed to shoot this video towards the end of the Ceremony

It shows Geoff with the League President, Roger Dienhoff
Geoff is receiving a small copy of the plaque that will be hung near the field
and then is congratulated by the Heat Baseball Club players ... Brett's team, Stingers, is in the other dugout

Duration = 52 seconds

video address = http://www.ronebergcairns.com/2011onwards/general2011_4914.flv

... and here is the Plaque


Photos of Diamond Two

Monday 27th December 2010


Sunday 22nd May 2011

Friday 11th May 2012


Diamond One ... "The Lester Todd Field"


The photos below were taken on Saturday 10th August 2013

New Signs on both Diamond One and Diamond Two

Diamond One

Diamond Two

Other shots of Diamond Two




Monday 29th September 2014

!! Official Opening !!


Saturday 14th January 2017

!! Plaque ... mounted on the Scorer's Box !!

!! finally !! after over two years !! no problems !! just one of those things !! all done now and looks great !!

there are more photos further below