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Coaching and Playing Baseball and Softball
Groundsman at the Martyn Street Cairns Fields
Groundsman at the Trinity Beach Baseball Complex

The 1980's and 1990's
Cairns' Junior and Senior Baseball, Heat Baseball Club,
Representative Teams, Sharks Softball, Groundsman, etc, etc - 1980/90's




Juniors - Dodgers Baseball Club
Brett played in all the Junior Teams Geoff coached, and appears in the team photographs
.......... and Tanya was usually the scorer and is also included

1987 - coached the Under 9 Team - who were the Grand Final winners in August 1987 - and Tanya was the scorer

1987 - also coached the Under 12 Team during the same season

1988 - umpiring a game of T-ball - July 1988

1988 - coached the Under 12 team - and they won the Grand Final in September 1988 - Tanya was the team's scorer

1989 - coached the Under 12 "Rockets" - Grand Final winners in August 1989 - and click here for a game report (Brett pitched - 9 x strike outs!!!)

1993 - "Award of Excellence" - from the Cairns Junior Baseball League - presented to Geoff as coach of the Dodgers Under 16 Team for the 1993 season

Seniors - Dodgers Baseball Club

1986 - played for the Dodgers "C" Grade Team which won the Grand Final in October 1986 - this page has a game report, and a photo of Geoff with his Team Medal and the "Highest Fielding Average" award which he won!!! - and two more photos of Geoff in his Dodgers uniform, the trophy, and his bat and glove

1987 - coaching at third base during the "C" Grade Grand Final - between Dodgers and Sharks - two photos - September 1987

..........and did they win??? - Yes!!! - and here is Geoff giving his "after game" speech

..........the winning team - and the Coach!!!

1987 - Geoff with some of the trophies and team awards he received at the completion of the 1987 season - for both the Junior and Senior Divisions - October 1987

1988 - played for the "C" Grade Team which won the Grand Final - and a champagne celebration!!! - September 1988

..........Geoff's statistics for the 1988 Dodgers "C" Grade Team - and he won the trophy for the "Highest Fielding Average" - and a nine year old Brett played a few innings!!!

1988 - coached the "B" Grade Team - and here is Geoff coaching at third base

..........yes, they won!!! - defeated Bears- and Geoff is making his post-game speech!!! - Heather Law, the President of the Cairns Baseball League at that time, is in the background

..........the winning team - Tanya was the scorer - September 1988

..........Geoff's statistics for the 1988 Dodgers "B" Grade Team - and as a nine year old, Brett played in the second highest level of Cairns Baseball!!! - and Sharon also played five innings!!!

1988 - the Cairns Baseball League Presentation Night - and Geoff has just been awarded a trophy - October 1988

..........and some of the "hundreds" of trophies Geoff received for the 1988 Season - Juniors, Seniors, and Dodgers

1989 - The "C" Grade Grand Final!!! - to be held on 27th August 1989 - and Dodgers are playing Sharks - a pre game report published in the Cairns Post - Geoff is mentioned as one of Dodgers "regular attenders"!!!

..........and the post game write up - Dodgers won!!! - from the Cairns Post, and the article says "Geoff Roneberg with 2 safe hits..."!!! - the article also mentions the Dodgers "Rockets" victory in the Under 12 competition - Geoff coached this team, and Brett was one of the players (refer to the above Junior Section)

..........and here is the winning team!!! - 27th August 1989

1994 - Geoff was the coach of the Dodgers "A" Grade Team - here is Geoff and Chris Morton speaking to the team after the game - Brett is in the jacket, second from the left - 1994 season

Coaching and/or Managing Junior Representative Teams

1991 - Appointed as the Assistant Coach of the Cairns Under 14 Team which contested the North Queensland Championships held in Townsville - here is Father and Son - Coach and Player - July 1991

1991 - Geoff was the coach of the North Queensland Under 14 Team which competed in the State Titles in Lismore, New South Wales - and here he is being presented with his team jacket, which were donated/sponsored by QTV Cairns - November 1991

..........coaching at third base during one of the games - Lismore, New South Wales - November 1991

..........Geoff and Brett - Father and Son - Coach and Player - dressed in the North Queensland Team uniform, including jackets - Lismore - November 1991

..........the team was a "family affair"!!! - Geoff was the Coach, Tanya was the Scorer, and Brett a Player - here are all three in full uniform - by the way, Sharon should be included as the Spectator/#1 Supporter!!! ..........a nice picture

..........Team photo - showing the players, uniforms, and the gear bags each player was given - but Tanya is missing??? - Lismore, New South Wales - November 1991

1992 - Brett was playing for the Cairns Under 14 Team which competed in the North Queensland Championships held in Townsville - Geoff was the coach, assisted by Fred Ingles and Wayne Davies - two photos, showing Geoff walking accross the diamond, and squatting with Fred to watch the game - July 1992

..........and the Cairns team won the Championships!!! - Geoff's Certificate as the coach of the winning team - 19th July 1992

1992 - following the above Championships, Geoff was appointed Coach of the North Queensland Team to contest the State Titles which were held in Cairns - and here is Geoff in the Team uniform - November 1992

........."Far North Hosts Baseball Titles" - an article published in the Northern Beachcomber newspaper - it gives a few details on the above Titles, and Geoff is interviewed as the coach of the North Queensland Team - 6th November 1992

1994 - Geoff was the Manager of the 1994 North Queensland Under 16 Team which competed at the State Titles held in Brisbane - two team photographs, which also include Brett - 22nd/23rd October 1994

1995 - Geoff in the North Queensland walkout shirt - he was the Manager of the Under 18 Team which competed in the State Titles held at the Ipswich Baseball Club, in Brisbane Queensland - April 1995

Heat Baseball Club
This Club was formed by Geoff, with the help of a number of others
The idea behind it's formation was to develop a Club for the "older ex-players" in the Cairns baseball community
Simply so they could have a team to play in and enjoy the sport in the lower Divisions
It was a great success!!!

1991 - the sign on the League clubhouse - Geoff is listed as the contact for the Heat Club

1991 - "Baseball set for Family Feud" - an article which was published in the Cairns Post - details why the club was formed, including a few comments from Geoff - and highlights how "old and young" related players will be competing against each other!!! - and two photos showing Heat players and their sons - May 1991

1991 - Geoff dressed in the inaugral Heat Baseball Club uniform - September 1991

1991 - The inaugral year of the Heat Baseball Club - a list of all the players who participated during the season, including their batting, slugging and fielding statistics - Geoff had a "fair" season, with a batting average of 0.300

..........and here are the players who got up on the mound - full pitching statistics and earned run averages

1991 - a photograph of most of the original Heat players from the inaugral 1991 season

1991 - Presentation Night - a list of the 1991 Heat "B" Grade award winners - October 1991

..........and here is Coach Barry Foxover with some of the award winners - Andrew Long (batting), Shane Cluff (most strike outs), and Alan King (most valuable player) - October 1991

..........the end of the night, and Rod Boland is being helped home by Brian Parsons and Barry Foxover!!!

1992 - a look at the new uniform introduced this season (not sure of this players name)

1992 - Geoff's statistics for the 1992 Heat "C1" Grade Team - and look at how many errors he made!!! - and Sharon also participated in a few games!!!

..........and both Geoff and Sharon played a few innings for the "B" Grade Team - and here are their statistics for the season

1992 - Presentation Night - a list of the award winners for the three 1992 Heat Teams - Geoff received one of the "booby trophies"!!! - October 1992

..........the display of trophies - the large one in the top right hand corner is for the Club Champion, which was introduced for the first time - and the initial winner was Terry Beattie - October 1992

1993 - The Pre-season Competition - and Heat "B" Grade won the Grand Final!!! - by a forfeit!!! - game report published in the Cairns Post - and the page also includes the starting lineup for the Premiership Team - Sunday 4th April 1993

1993 - Geoff's statistics for the 1993 Heat "C" Grade Team - and there are some "bloody awful" pitching and catching figures!!!

1993 - Presentation Night - all the award winners for the three Heat Teams during the 1993 season - Geoff did not pitch too good, but he still picked up a couple of trophies!!! - the night was held at The Stratford Hotel in Cairns - October 1993

..........the trophies, all ready to be given out - these were donated to the Club by Gary Waight, one of the "C" Grade players

..........Geoff, as President of the club, was the "MC" of the evening - here he is during the presentations, watched by Paul King and Alistair McFarlane on the left hand side - two photos

..........Geoff presenting Graham Dalton with his Most Improved Player in the Heat "B2" Team award

..........with Larry Mahoney - who "won" both of the "booby" awards for the Heat "B2" Team!!! - the most errors, and the most strike outs!!!

..........and here is Geoff and Gary White, who received the Coach's Trophy for the Heat "C" Grade Team

..........congratulating Danny McGilvray, the new Club Champion - and watched by last year's winner Terry Beattie

..........Geoff, Danny, and the Club Champion trophy

..........Danny and Terry, Heat Club Champions!!!

..........a "special" presentation to Geoff - made by Rod Boland, Barry Foxover, and Gary Waight - two photos

....................and here is Geoff with his Team Jacket - which had been monogrammed with "Heat Foundation Member"!!!

..........Sharon with Linda and Russell Lawrence

..........Roy Dawson's wife, Geoff, Gary Waight, and Phil McKinnon


1990 - Geoff umpiring - and Brett at bat!!! - during an Junior Exhibition Game held at the Trinity Beach grounds - February 1990

1990 - umpiring a junior game between Dodgers and Sharks - at the Martyn Street Reserve in Cairns - May 1990

1992 - in his umpiring gear, and posing for the camera - always used the external protection - taken at the Trinity Beach grounds - two photos - August 1992

1994 - just finished base umpiring a game - August 1994

1996 - plate umpiring a game - and the scene at home plate - mud and mess!!! - John Stampa is the Dodgers player trying to score, the Reds player is Paul Wollin, and the catcher is (I think) Tim Harper-Russell ..........a great picture !!
..........................page updated on Monday 7th September 2015 ... added a Facebook Post to Paul Wollin

"Playing for Cairns"!!!

1990 - a touring party from the United States had a stop-over in Cairns, and a game of baseball was on their agenda!!! - they were "a little bit older" than the normal touring team, and needed a team of veterans to play - named The Dodger Town West Team - so Geoff was awarded a Cairns Cap!!! - for one day only!!! - here is a photo of the Cairns "Veteran" All Stars!!! - March 1990

..........and here is Geoff playing firstbase during the game

Groundsman - Martyn Street Reserve

1987 - a "Letter of Appreciation" from the Cairns Baseball League for the work Geoff did to get the grounds ready for Grand Final Day - October 1987

..........but I didn't do it all by myself!!! - here are Tanya and Brett helping with the linemarking - both in their Dodgers uniforms

Groundsman - Trinity Beach Baseball Complex

1990 - "Baseball lights creating an impact" - an article which was published in the Cairns Sun newspaper - gives a few details on the lights - and it includes a note about the grounds and Geoff's work - March 1990

1990 - newsletter from the Trinity Beach State Primary School - a presentation of palms was made to Geoff as a "thank you" for the use of the fields, and for his help with school sport in general - 1st May 1990

1990 - Geoff working on the fields - "a self-propelled BUT walk behind" mower that Geoff used at the Baseball Complex - used it for two complete fields, a training/warm-up area almost as big as a normal field, and all the surrounding and public areas!!! - walked "a thousand miles" a week!!! - August 1990

..........Brett helped out a lot!!! - and being lighter, he was able to use the seat/trolley when using the mower - here he is in May 1991

1991 - "Blue might be cocky but he never misses a trick" - a photo of Geoff and his cocky, named "Blue" - which spends the day at the baseball grounds while Geoff is working there - and includes a brief article/caption - November 1991

1991 - "Roneberg's are all rounders when it comes to Baseball" - an article published in the Cairns Post - gives the story of Geoff and Sharon's involvement in the sport over a number of years - November 1991

1991 - "Mowing is for the Birds" - another article and photo of Geoff and "Blue" - November 1991

1992 - The Cairns League were able to buy a new ride-on mower!!! - and here is Geoff with his new red machine!!! - July 1992

Softball - Sharks Softball Team

1987 - Geoff coached both Sharks #1 and #2 Softball Teams during the 1987 season - and Sharon played and Tanya scored - here is Geoff, clipboard in hand, and giving a few signs to the girls!!! - April 1987


1988 - Baseball Participation Certificate - for the Bicentennial North Queensland Games - Easter 1988

1989 - Coaching qualifications - achieved Level 0 Accreditation - certificate - April 1989

..........and then qualified for Level 1 Accreditation - card #79534 - 21st December 1989

1990 - at the end of The Barrier Reef Tournament - Geoff is wearing a Cairns Representative Team walkout shirt which was presented to him for organising the fields, etc during the games - July 1990

1992 - on the League Executive - Vice President for the 1992 season - and Tanya is the Registrar and is also a member of the Grading/Selection Committee - following the Annual General Meeting in January 1992

Trophies and Medals and Awards

1986 to 1996 - Trophies and Medals awarded to Geoff from various Junior and Senior Baseball Teams - and there are twenty-three of them!!

2010 - "LIFE MEMBERSHIP" - click here for the details

2011 - "GEOFF RONEBERG FIELD" - click here for the details