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The Cairns Baseball League

Australian Provincial Championships


The Australian Provincial Baseball Championships were held in Cairns during April 2001
These were a success, even though the
"rain came down and there was a flood" midway through the two weeks of games!!
Some of the photos below show the extent of the rain

Sharon and Tanya were scorers during the Championships, and I was the "official" photographer
However, due to the ceilings being repaired at home, I was only able to attend a few of the games




Pre- Championships

Article from the Cairns Post

Photos with above article

#01 - Coach Barry Foxover

#02 - Paul Wollin


The Queensland Team - training on 25th March 2001

#01 - Matt Bolton and Greg Wicks

#02 - Coach Barry Foxover

#03 - Jason Scammell

#04 - Greg Wicks, Barry Foxover and Paul Wollin

#05 - Greg Wicks

#06 - Paul Wollin and Matt Bolton

#07 - Paul Wollin


Photos from Saturday 14th April 2001

#01 - Official Opening - by Dr Lesley Clarke, the Member of Parliament for the Barron River Electorate - and the Cairns Baseball League is represented by Peter Thompson, Secretary

#02 - Some of the water that was all over the fields!!!

#03 - Plate umpire, Larry Gallagher

#04 - The scorers - Barbara Robson, Sharon and Tanya

#05 - A victory to Queensland!!!

#06 - Barry Foxover congratulates the Queensland team ..........A fantastic photo!!!

#07 - Barry and Rhonda Peace watching the game

#08 - Spectators Bruce and Pam Cairncross


Photos from Monday 16th April 2001

#01 - Peter Gahan (Qld) - checking out the "very wet" second diamond!!!

#02 - Jere Schulte, Queensland Assistant Coach - preparing an "un-beatable lineup"!!! - and notice all the water in the backgrround!!!

#03 - Scott Peace (Qld)

#04 - Anne Kippin - the Official Scorer for the Championships

#05 - The games must be played!!! - the scene at home plate on diamond one during one of the games ..........Another great photo!!!

#06 - Scoring the game - Irene Behne, Tanya and Chris Bimrose

#07 - The all-important canteen - Debbie Neate and Rory Tacchi


The Championships Official Function - Wednesday 18th April 2001

#01 - The invitation - to be held at The Reef Hotel Casino

#02 - Tanya, and lots of others, at the Function - article from the Cairns Post

#03 - as above - the original color photo of Tanya and friends