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Sharon - 2016

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to Sunday 8th May 2016

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to Friday 23rd September 2016

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#01 ... Rose-of-Sharon Cross Stitch
This was started on Saturday 1st March 2008
The albumn has the pattern plus all the details and weekly photos on Sharon's progress
page updated to Sunday 2nd August 2015


#02 ... Health - Exercise - Fitness - Workouts 2010
#03 ... Health - Exercise - Fitness - Workouts 2011
#04 ... Health - Exercise - Fitness - Workouts 2012
#05 ... Health - Exercise - Fitness - Workouts 2013
#06 ... Health - Exercise - Fitness - Workouts 2014
#07 ... Health - Exercise - Fitness - Workouts 2015
#08 ... Health - Exercise - Fitness - Workouts 2016
(along with Tanya) Brett and a few friends, regularly complete various Workout Exercise Programs
Sharon started back in April 2009
---------------The sessions are set and supervised by Brett - Ritchie - Lars
Check out the above albumns ...... they include hundreds of photos and dozens of terrific videos !!

Tuesday 26th January - Australia Day Weight Workout - 44 x photos
Tuesday 16th February - Ash Moseley's Anniversary Workout - 47 x photos
Saturday 20th February - The Girls completing Deadlifts - 4 x photos
Monday 22nd February - Fifty Day Challenge - 1 x photo + 1 x video



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... New Years Day ... Friday 1st January 2016
And this page includes a 'Toast to Tanya' with Mango Wine, one of her favourites!! - this was at Tanya's Spot at Trinity Beach and, yes, there was some 'Running of the Stairs'!! - fourteen photos - Friday 1st January 2016..........(miss you, Tanya Mary)

... Wedding Anniversary #41 ... Monday 4th January 2016
And the page includes a Facebook Post with dozens of 'Likes' and 'Comments' from friends - and four notes from Melissa Harwood - we miss Tanya Mary so much on Special Days like this - it is our Anniversary Tradition to have Kentucky Fried Chicken and we had a big heap of it from Brett, plus he organised a "Special Dinner" for Sharon - five photos - Monday 4th January 2016..........( miss you, Tanya Mary )

... The Thornton Family ... Sunday 10th January 2016
Sharon caught up with Bev, Tammie and Max Thornton at Trinity Beach - the page includes a note from Sharon - plus three photos taken today ... along with some from way back in 1986 and 1987 !! - Sunday 10th January 2016

... Off to see this Production ... Friday 22nd January 2016
Sharon, along with our friends Anne Kippin and Heather Law, went to this Show at the Cairns Civic Theatre - the page includes notes and photos from Sharon - plus a Facebook Post and shots of Sharon dressed and ready to go!! - Friday 22nd January 2016

... "Australia Day" ... Tuesday 26th January 2016
There is a Facebook Post to Tanya about a 'Monster Overnight Storm' in Cairns and this has hundreds of Comments and Likes - the page also includes photos from an Australia Day Weight Workout Session - plus a visit with Tanya at Trinity Beach - over sixty photos - Tuesday 26th January 2016..........( miss you, Tanya Mary )


Tuesday 2nd February 2016

North Cairns Post Office

Sharon ... Caroline ... Melissa

... "Friendship Day" ... Thursday 4th February 2016
This is a Promotion conducted by Facebook - and the page includes a terrific video which shows fifteen photos!! - released on Thursday 4th February 2016..........( miss you, Tanya Mary )

... Bethany Knights ... Sunday 7th February 2016
Bethany came for a visit today, and then her and Sharon went to breakfast ... and there was lots and lots of talking!! - the page includes a Facebook Post with six photos - plus details and more photos on a "Special Bottle of Wine" and the "Venetian Mask" - Sunday 7th February 2016
It was Bethany's Birthday the following Thursday and this is also included with a Facebook Post and two 'very interesting' photos - Thursday 11th February 2016
..........( miss you, Tanya Mary )

... "Deadlifts" ... Saturday 20th February 2016
This page shows four of the ladies completing the Deadlift Weight Routine - and Sharon reached a 'Personal Best' of Seventy Five Kilo!! - the others are Kerry, Faye and Michelle ... with Kerry also having a 'PB' lift - the page includes a Facebook Post with Comments and four photos - Saturday 20th February 2016

... "SHARON + Fifty Day Challenge" ... Monday 22nd February 2016
Today was the Final Day of this Challenge and Sharon ( along with Brett ) finished off the program at Tanya's Memorial Plaque - the complete details are listed on this page - and it also includes a Facebook Post with hundreds of Likes and Comments - there is one photo plus a great video - Monday 22nd February 2016..........( miss you, Tanya Mary )


Friday 26th February 2016

Trinity Beach Sunrise

Saturday 27th February 2016

Cruise Ship on the Horizon ...

... and a look at The Esplanade


Mid March 2016

Sharon and the Staff at North Cairns Post Office

Caroline ... Sharon ... Sherryn

Melissa ... Sharon ... Caroline ... Sherryn

Sharon ... Sherryn ... Caroline ... Melissa

Caroline ... Melissa ... Sharon ... Sherryn


... "SHARON - Going back to 1987" ... Thursday 10th March 2016
NO !! ... there are no details written here!!
- you have to click on this link to read what this is about!! - and to see some Fabulous Photos!!


Saturday 12th March 2016

Sharon ... A Different Look !!


... and here is the Original Photo


... "Ride for Dillan" ... Sunday 20th March 2016
The page includes all the Official Details on this Ride - Sharon and her friend Kerry Jan participated and there are photos of Sharon as she was leaving home and at the Ride - it also includes a Facebook Post with a comment from Sharon - fourteen photos - Sunday 20th March 2016


Monday 21st March 2016

New Cover Photo


!! interesting !!
at the time of posting this update,
Sharon had 325 Facebook Friends
and not one either 'liked' or 'commented'

Air Force One ... click HERE for all the Details and Photos via Wikipedia


Wednesday 22nd June 2016

Another "Pro - USA" Facebook Post


click HERE to read the article in 'pdf' file format


!! interesting !! again !!
at the time of posting this update,
Sharon had 338 Facebook Friends
and not one either 'liked' or 'commented'


... "A Bug in Sharon's Ear" ... Tuesday 29th March 2016
What A Night!! ... sitting and relaxed one minute and then Panic!! - this page includes two Facebook Posts with dozens and dozens of Comments and Likes and these tell the complete story from start to finish - plus a Doctor's Bill!! - two photos which include "The Beast" - Tuesday 29th March 2016


Sunday 1st May 2016

Sharon and the Staff at North Cairns Post Office

Melissa ... Sherryn ... Caroline ... Sharon


... Mother's Day ... Sunday 8th May 2016
The page includes a Facebook Post along with messages from friends - and Sharon out to breakfast with Brett - along with a link to ninety two photos of "Her Two Kids" !! - Sunday 8th May 2016..........( miss you, Tanya Mary )


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