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"Badische Uhrenfabrik A G" Carriage Clock

Of German manufacture

- there are numerous photos and more information below
including a complete online valuation
plus details of similar clocks which were sold on the internet

NOTE - click here for "Information on Carriage Clocks"

Given to Sharon by her Grand-mother - many years ago!!!

A note from Sharon
I know the clock was my Grandmothers
She died when I was fourteen - in 1968
I don't remember her giving it to me
So I think I may have received it after she died as a remembrance
I am going to check to see if my sister Lesley remembers anything about it

Additional Photos
and these are a bit larger and clearer to assist with the clock's identification

Our clock - from the front

and from the back

The face of the clock

The movement - looking through the right-hand-side glass panel

The movement - looking through the left-hand-side glass panel

The movement - from the back - photo #01

The movement - from the back - photo #02

Bottom - underneath the clock

Markings and numbers found on the backplate



The following trademark and company information is from

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This trademark is on the face of the clock


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 Deluxe Appraisal Request  
 Step 1: Category Selection  
 Appraisal ID: 75878
 Item Title: Carriage Clock
 Selected Category: Clocks, Watches and Timepieces->Clocks->Shelf Clock
 Step 2: General Information  
 Item Description: Badische Uhrenfabrik A G Carriage Clock
 Item URL: This page
 Date/Era/Period: Between 1927 and 1945 - ???
 Condition Of Item: Excellent condition
Working perfectly, including chimes
 Provenance: Unknown
 Origin Of Item: From my wife's grandmother
 Step 3: Appraisal Images Submitted all the images on this page via the item URL as above
 Step 4: Subjective Questions  
 Q: When did you purchase/acquire the item(s)? A: Family Inheritance
 Q: Purchase price of item (if known)? A: no answer given
 Q: Is the piece in working condition? A: Yes
 Q: Who is the manufacturer, if known? A: Badische Uhrenfabrik A G
 Q: What is the clock's housing made of? A: Brass
 Q: What is the circumference of the clock face? A: Diameter 7cms
 Q: What is the country of origin? [if known] A: Germany
 Q: Height of clock A: 15cms
 Q: Width of clock A: 13cms at base and 10cms in the body of the clock
 Q: Thickness of clock A: 10cms at the base and 7cms in the body of the clock
 Q: Does the clock chime? A: Yes
 Q: If yes, how often? A: Hourly - but could be more often
 Q: Does the clock have a novelty feature? A: No
 Q: If yes, give details A: no answer given
 Q: Is the clock electric or wind up? A: Wind-Up
 Q: Give any other details you feel are pertinent A: There are more details and a number of photos on the web page//URL supplied
 Q: Length of the clock? A: no answer given
 Q: Width of the clock? A: no answer given
 Q: What is the main reason for your appraisal? (ie: value, history, insurance, etc.) A: When and where it was made

(click on the logo to see the Original Appraisal Certificate)

 Appraisal ID: 75878
 Appraised On: 06-06-2005
 Title: Carriage Clock
 Date/Era/Period: Between 1927 and 1945 - ???
 Item URL: This page
 Description: Badische Uhrenfabrik A G Carriage Clock
 Condition: Excellent condition
Working perfectly, including chimes
 Origin: From my wife's grandmother
 Provenance: N/A
 Appraised By: George Smith
 History Of The Item: Carriage clocks had their origin literally as clocks that the carriage trade took with them in there carriages when they took their trips which could take many days given the pace at which coaches travelled on the primitive roads of Europe

France is the country that is attributed with developing this style of clock

The styling of your clock, notwithstanding that it was made in Germany, is pure French with provincial detailing

Your carriage clock is a full size and was made this size with the advent of the copper coil mainsprings of which your clock has two
One spring powers the time feature and one powers the strike/chime/repeating feature
 Appraiser Tips: This carriage clock requires proper cleaning and lubricating so that the points of friction are made to resist wear
 Research Sources: My many decades of exposure to the vintage clock industry
 Appraiser Comments: The Badische Clock Company was formed in 1860 and lasted until 1918 at which time it closed for several years due to German economic disasters

The factory re-opened in 1927 and it was during this time that your clock was made

Because the carriage was no longer a way of travelling and automobiles shortened trips to hours instead of day, the carriage clock was relegated to a fashion clock to furnish better homes

Repeater clocks with chimes were quite expensive and your ornate piece would have been an expensive luxury afforded only to the upper middle classes

This model with it's visible movement is a choice piece and is highly collectable and sought after
As such, your clock is worth the amount shown below
 * Current Fair Market Value: $375.00 - All values are in US currency
Equals $489.66 Australian dollars as at Monday 6th June 2005
 ** Replacement Cost: $750.00 - All values are in US currency
Equals $979.36 Australian dollars as at Monday 6th June 2005
  This online appraisal is an expert's opinion of the item(s) depicted above based solely on images and information supplied by our customer
Additional information, not shown on this certificate, may have been taken into account for this online appraisal
  Please Note: Our service strives to include the best international authorities in their respective fields
While the appraiser may be an expert in rendering the valuation, please understand that they may not be completely fluent in English
  * Current Fair Market Value is the amount someone might receive when selling their item to a dealer or at auction
It is also the amount most government tax agencies (IRS, Revenue Canada, Inland Revenue, etc.) recognize as the tax deductable amount were the item donated to a charitable organization
  ** Replacement Cost is the retail amount one might reasonably pay to purchase the item from a dealer, gallery, store, etc
It is also the amount for which one may want to insure an item


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